Health Science

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(leads to Bradley's Doctorate in Physical Therapy and other health professions)

Dr. Steve Tippett
Department Chair

The Degree
Today’s health care careers require a broader, more comprehensive academic background than ever before. Employers are seeking graduates with not only solid knowledge in the basic sciences, but also a background in areas such as business management, accounting, communications, computer science and foreign language. Bradley University’s Health Science major is a multidisciplinary degree designed to allow you to develop areas of study that may fall outside of traditional health care curriculums.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science combines a solid liberal arts background with preparation from every department in the College of Education and Health Sciences. Health Science graduates attain a valuable undergraduate degree that will prepare them for the work force or for graduate study in a focused area of health care. Included in the 124-hour undergraduate degree is a minor area of study that helps the student pursue individual areas of academic interest. Some of these areas include: Biology, Business, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, Sociology and Spanish.

The Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Many of Bradley graduates with a Health Science major pursue a career in Physical Therapy. In addition to acceptance into Bradley’s Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Science alumni have been accepted into all of the DPT programs in Illinois, programs across the Midwest, and programs in California, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and other states. Freshmen admitted to the undergraduate program in Health Science have the opportunity for direct admission into Bradley’s graduate program if they meet the following criteria: all math and science courses must be taken at Bradley and must be taken in sequence; students must attain a math, science and overall GPA of 3.4 at the end of freshman year, 3.5 at the end of the sophomore year, and 3.6 at the end of the junior year.

A Variety of Health Care Options
Health Science majors pursue a variety of post-baccalaureate educational programs. Bradley Health Science alumni have continued their education in fields including Athletic Training, Chiropractic, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Physician Assistant, and more.

Bradley Health Science majors have also pursued professions that do not involve direct patient contact. These “behind the scenes” careers are vital to the smooth delivery of healthcare services and include administrative positions within hospitals or insurance companies. Students wishing to pursue opportunities in health care with a business focus can choose a concentration of study in professional selling or choose to minor in marketing, business administration, or business management.

Holistic Approach: Developing the Entire Person
Potential employers are looking not only at student success in the classroom but also for well-rounded individuals with varied extra-curricular experiences. The Bachelor of Science in Health Science provides students opportunities to develop leadership qualities through activities outside the classroom. The department’s Health Science Organization and “Wags for Mags” are just two of more than 240 student organizations at Bradley in which our Health Science graduates have become involved. Students also engage in experiential learning associated with OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Easter Seals, Peoria Public School District 150, along with other local community organizations.

Admission to the Health Science Major
Three years of high school math and science and an above average ACT or SAT composite score are required to be given full consideration for admission to the Health Science major as a freshman.