Residence Halls

Student life and campus living are integrally connected at Bradley University. From classroom to dorm room, our residential tradition provides a wealth of social, cultural, and civic opportunities. Many times, getting involved is simply a matter of walking down the hall.

Bradley's balanced, living-learning environment is centered on the student--providing a unique framework for success in and outside of the classroom. With a variety of halls to choose from, our residential experience can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

Residence Hall Tours

Geisert Hall

Video: 4:57

Harper Hall

Video: 4:25

Heitz Hall

Video: 3:19

University Hall

Video: 4;39

Williams Hall

Video: 5:18

Wyckoff Hall

Video: 4:04

Singles Complex (Elmwood, Lovelace, Wendle)

Video: 3:32

St. James Place

Video: 4:05

Main Street Commons

Video: 4:15


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For further information and our housing policy, please visit the Office of Housing & Residential Life web site.