Whitney Fosco

Whitney's Interview



Bradley is perfect for an ambitious student like me because it allows me to be an active part of my education. In many large schools students are expected to sit in a classroom and be passive learners, simply taking in information. At Bradley, I am able to work independently, while still being pushed and receiving guidance from my professors. Not only do they teach, but they also run research labs, coordinate departmental social events, and organize professional development seminars. Overall, the professors here invest time in their students and want each of us to succeed.

Working in my professor’s lab has allowed me to become both proactive in my education and competitive in my search for graduate schools. In my junior year I was able to present at two research conferences. I am currently working towards my own honor’s thesis, a three semester long project in which I am able to research independently, with the aid of a faculty member.

Next year I will be applying to Ph.D. programs in Clinical Psychology. This is one of the most highly competitive graduate programs, with top schools accepting around 5% of applicants. At Bradley I have received both research and practical experience, developed writing skills, and learned to be a student responsible for her own academic success. All of these experiences and skills, along with great letters of recommendation from my professors, will undoubtedly make me a strong applicant for admission to these programs.


Unlike most college students, I wouldn’t say I have a vibrant social life. In a typical day I go to class, go to work, go to cheerleading practice and then come home and do homework until I pass out. Despite this hectic schedule, I love every part of it. I have mastered time management and made friends through the activities with which I am involved. I think of it this way- after spending about 70 hours a week on schoolwork, research, cheerleading and other Bradley related activities, working a 40-50 hour workweek will be easy.