Food Services

To view the menu for food services, visit their website.

Special Dining Schedules During Breaks

Students living in the dorms (Williams, Geisert, U-Hall, Harper, Wyckoff, Heitz, Elmwood, Wendle and Lovelace) are required to carry the Full Meal Plan. It is set up automatically and billed with the room and board charges on the student’s tuition bill. The cost is $1,825.00 per semester. Students not living in the dorms may choose to purchase the Off-Campus Meal Plan. The cost is $500.00 per semester.

Meal Plan Dollars may be used at Cafeterias and Food Courts on campus.

Items at the Food Courts are priced ala-cart. The cost of the meal will vary depending on what is purchased.  

At the end of the semester, the Meal Plan account is closed and, providing the student does not owe any fees to the University, the balance is deposited into the student’s QuickCash account. This process is usually completed by the second week in January and June for their respective semesters.

QuickCash is a flexible spending plan. It may be used to purchase goods and services on campus or at several off-campus vendors. Students with a Meal Plan are required to open a QuickCash account if they do not already have one. Students who do not have a Meal Plan may choose to open the account. Because of Federal regulations, students may not make cash withdrawals from QuickCash. Once the student has left Bradley, the account will be closed and, providing the student does not owe any fees to the University, any balance over $15.00 will be refunded. Once the QuickCash or Meal Plan account is opened by the student, the student may make deposits using QuickCard On-line and their parents may make deposits using the guest deposit (they only need the student’s ID number and name). Deposit may also be made over the phone with a credit card, by mail, or at the Cashier’s windows in Swords Hall (open Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm ).

Both Meal Plan and QuickCash accounts are covered by the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act – we can only release account information to the student. If you need balance or spending information, please contact your student.

Who can be released from the meal plan?

Everyone who lives in the residence halls is obligated to be on the Meal Plan. There are no exceptions.