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ACBU-Activities Council of BU

President: Meghan Fleming (

The main programming board of Bradley, ACBU produces social and education programs for the campus community including a weekly film series, major concerts, comedians, lectures, Siblings Weekend, Homecoming and special events. updated 2/14

Accounting Club

President: Amalia Mentgen (

Updated 8/13

Alpha Chi Omega

President: Allison Mizsak (


Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

President: L. Scott pfeiffer (

updated 8/13

Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology)

President: Darcy Leach (

Recognizes student scholarship in the field of sociology through regional and national meetings and annual student paper contests. 8/13

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

President: Obinna Ekwueme (


Alpha Phi Omega

President: Michelle Cunanan (

A national co-ed fraternity open to all students offering leadership opportunities through community service 4/13

Alpha Pi Mu

President: Stephen Koch (


Amateur Radio Club - BUARC

President: Jacob Stewart (

This is a hobby club for those interested in ham radio and obtaining an FCC license. 9/13

American Advertising Foundation (AAF)

President: Kevin Bookstein (


American Institute Graphic Arts

President: Sharon Meyer (

Promotes dialogue and strong ties between graphic designers and the business community including corporations, educational institutions, business leaders and those governing commerce. updated 9/13

American Marketing Association

President: Dhara Patel (

A national organization dedicated to educating about and promoting careers in the field of marketing. 11-13

American Red Cross Club

President: Erin Koch (


American Sign Language Club

President: Eileen Prescott (

updated 9/13

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers

President: Jonathan Gray (


Anime Club

President: Kyle Silverthorn (

Celebrates the world of anime through public and private viewings and discussions of the art. Updated 8/13

Anti-Slavery Coalition

President: Grecia Ocampo (


APICS Bradley University Student Chapter

President: Chris Spadafora (

An international organization of corporation mgrs and practitioners, public & private educators, business & government researchers, students of many college disciplines, and professionally trained persons for many walks of life. The purpose of the assoc. is to develop professional efficiency in operation management thru study, research & application of scientific methods. 4-14

Arab American Assoc. of Engineers & Architects

President: Jad Y Badran (

Arbitration Board

President: Nathan Thomas (

Arbitrates and resolve controversies involving students or student organizations such as social regulations, vehicle policy and/or University rights. 8/13

ARH - Association of Residence Halls

President: Rachael Sanchez (

updated 8/13

Art of Living Foundation

President: Emily Wolbers (


Asian American Association (AAA)

President: Christine Gale (

updated 8/13

Association for the Education of Young Children (BAEYC)

President: Megan Hickey (


Association of Computing Machinery

President: Joey Dvorchak (


Association of Information Technology Professional (AITP)

President: Manda Wappel (

To help develop a better understanding of the nature & functions of information technology. To promote sound general principles in it and to study technical methods with a view to improvement. To help supply members the most current methods and assist them in solving their individual problems. 9/13

Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)

President: Grecia Ocampo (

Provides the University community with programs and activities that foster a better understanding of cultural diversity, ethnic linguistic and spiritual mosaic that represents all Latina/o groups. 9/13