Student Organizations Roster

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Fashion Focus

President: Taylor Caridine (


Fastpitch Club Softball - Women's

President: Ashley Epping (


Fellows -Lewis J Burger

President: Athena Pylarinos (

This selected group of students assists the Center's Director in running programs which encourage community service, participate in group and individual community service projects and raises funds for Easter Seals UCP. 4/16

Feminists At Bradley

President: Cori Anderson (

The purpose of the club shall be to foster a wide student interest and participation in feminist discourse and activism at Bradley University. 2/16

Fencing Club

President: Erik Brady (

Promoting fencing at Bradley University, facilitating the training of its members at all levels and providing competition, both formal and informal, in the art of fencing. 8/15

Financial Management Association

President: Aaron Zimmerman (

We are here to assist in the professional, educational, and social development of college students interested in finance, banking and investments; Provide an association for college students actively interest in these fields; and Encourage interaction between business executives, faculty and students of business and finance. 8/15


President: Hayley Langley (


Foster college of Business Dean's Student Advisory Council

President: Sharon Mozes (

The Foster College of Business Dean's Student Advisory Council (FCB DSAC) serves as a medium for communication between the Dean and the students of the college. Our duties include bringing questions and concerns to the attention of the Dean and recommending courses of action, sponsoring events to promote student involvement, supporting the business organizations within the college, and to make necessary changes to support the college and the needs of the students. 8/15

Fresh Slice (Hospitality Ldrshp)

President: Carolyn Stewart (

The purpose of Bradley's Fresh Slice is to bring together students of BU with the common interest in hospitality, travel, and tourism in today's world. 8/15

Fusion (BU)

President: Jacob nash (