Student Organizations Roster

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Habitat for Humanity

President: Emily Matuszewski (

Members participate in fund raising efforts and weekly work events to build homes for low-income families in Peoria and take an annual trip over spring break to assist with projects in another area of the country. 5/15

Health Science Organization

President: Hetal Patel (

Provides career networking, philanthropy and social networking opportunities to students in the Health Science major. 5-15

HEAT (Help, Empower and Teach)

President: Denzel Washington (

The Bradley HEAT is a team of peer leaders who educate campus on topics such as substance use and abuse, sexual health, and sexual assault. 8/15


President: Bridget Berkow (

The purpose of this organization is to make the Jewish religion and culture vital and relevant to Jewish students of Bradley University. 8/15

Hindu Youth Society

President: Varundeep Korrapaiti (

Provides a forum to share Hindu heritage and culture among students, faculty and staff at Bradley University. 2-15

History Club

President: Eliana Glickman (

The purpose of this club is to share and learn about our interests in history, foster wide student interest in activities and to assist students in developing skills and leadership. 4-15

Hockey Club

President: Brad Niketopoulos (