Student Organizations Roster

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Habitat for Humanity

President: Andrew Zimmerman (

Members participate in fund raising efforts and weekly work events to build homes for low-income families in Peoria and take an annual trip over spring break to assist with projects in another area of the country. 9/14

Haute Africa Student Group

President: Lauren Tisza (

The Haute Student Group assists the Haute parent group in its endeavors, primarily by fundraising and by promoting Haute on campus. Haute (see for more information) provides business training to entrepreneurs in Guinea, West Africa. 6-14

Health Science Organization

President: Hannah Booker (

Provides career networking, philanthropy and social networking opportunities to students in the Health Science major. 8/14

Hilltop Studios

President: Scott Dean (

The purpose of the club shall be (a) to foster a wide student interest & participation in activities by providing leadership, programs, & education in the field of recording arts, and (b) to assist students in developing skills & leadership, specifically in the recording arts. 1/14

History Club

President: Devin Walk (

The purpose of this club is to share and learn about our interests in history, foster wide student interest in activities and to assist students in developing skills and leadership. 5-14

Hockey Club

President: Cam Cordts (