Student Organizations Roster

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MBA Association

President: Petra Vlkova (

Provides students pursuing their MBA with opportunities to gain hands on experience in real life projects and serve as the link between students, Bradley administration and the Peoria business community. 1-16

Mechanical Contractors Assoc. of America (MCAA)

President: Peter Kozel (


Med (B.U.)

President: Emilie Offerman (

The BU Med club shall be (a) foster a wide interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, programs, volunteer services, and (b) to assist students in developing skills and knowledge for the health professions. 5/15

Men of Culture Initiative

President: Ryan Vining-Caldwell (

Our mission is to create an environment of academic achievement, personal growth, and professional development among male students of color, all in an effort to help them persist through college. 3/16

Midwestern Accents male A Cappella (Frmr On the Rocks)

President: Alex Giordano (

Otherwise known as On the Rocks, our purpose is to perform a cappella music. 4/15

Ministry of Experimental Theatre

President: Ali Pinkerton (


Mortar Board

President: Julie Haring (

Recognizes leadership and academic accomplishments of senior students regardless of major. Membership applications are sent to students with junior standing and a minimum of 3.5 GPA in the spring. 8/15

Movie Club

President: Beck Potucek (

Provide the opportunity to all students of Bradley to view films of merit and have thoughtful discussions about film, and to promote new ways of appreciating film. 2-16

Muslim Student Association

President: Haroon Zahid (

Educates the campus community about the Muslim culture and supports Muslim students at Bradley. 7-15