Funding Request Forms

SABRC Funding Process (Student Organizations)

Funding Request Forms (Complete one of the following forms that corresponds to the nature of your event):


  • Complete form on your computer and save it. 
  • Email saved file(s) to Lauren at

Deadlines (No Late Submissions Permitted): 

Application & Supplemental Materials Deadline: Monday, November 3 at 11:59pm
Upon submission of application, the contact person indicated on the form will be emailed to schedule a presentation.  Supplemental materials are PDFs, word documents, PowerPoints and the like that provide additional background and support of the event(s) being requested.  Note that this information will be reviewed by SABRC members individually and not displayed during the actual SABRC presentation.

Presentation Day: Saturday, November 15 (Time Varies: approximately 5 minute presentations from 1-6pm)


CSBRC Funding Process (Club Sports)

Club Sports Funding may request for SABRC funding through a the Club Sports Budget Review Committee.  Deadlines associated with this process will be shared in the coming weeks.  A funding template can be found here.