Hospitality Leadership

Bradley’s major in Hospitality Leadership (HL) prepares students for diverse careers in the hospitality industry including lodging facilities such as hotels, resorts, and casinos, as well as restaurants, food and beverage operations, and tourism organizations. The Hospitality Leadership program prepares students for successful careers through coursework leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. An internship experience and a minor in entrepreneurship, management, marketing, or professional sales are included in the program.

Job prospects for Hospitality Leadership graduates are promising. Estimates show that the foodservice industry employs between 11 to 14 million people (Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], 2016; National Restaurant Association, 2015) and the lodging industry employs another 1.9 million people (BLS, 2016; American Hotel & Lodging Association, 2016).

Hospitality leaders are those individuals who are people-oriented, business-oriented, and creative. Our program can help students develop these strengths to be a leader in the industry. We offer classes that focus upon people skills and guest services, as well as event planning. There are many hands-on learning opportunities and work experiences that allow students to apply their knowledge and leadership skills on the job. The hospitality student club and classes tour local facilities, plan events, and network with industry professionals.

At Bradley, we will develop students’ talents and prepare them for leadership with experiential learning opportunities, including:

  • Real-world event planning
  • Access to industry internships
  • Networking with hospitality industry professionals
  • Choice of a minor in entrepreneurship, management, marketing, or professional sales.
  • Real-world experience in a variety of on-campus foodservice operations