The unique Bradley Experience extends beyond the confines of campus, in the hearts and minds of proud alumni. Each and every alum carries special memories of big events, good friends, and lessons learned while on the Hilltop. Share your fondest Bradley memories here by completing our online form.

A favorite Bradley memory? Economics 100, with the man who wrote the book (literally!), Dr. Kalman Goldberg.
     - Steven Joos '78

I fondly remember making friends from my dorms (U-hall and Geisert) as well as Alpha Phi Omega (APO). Good times remembered from APO service projects and formals.
     - Jean (Camp) Daniell '84

The Nursing program was outstanding from the onset and continues to be outstanding! I made many great friends at Bradley, some of whom I still see from time to time. This university is a great place for undergraduate study!
     - Jana Pressler '75

The people I met at Bradley are still very important to roommate, my girlfriends, my classmates, my professors and my team mates on the speech team. Bradley is part of the tapestry of my life! I remember "Willy Burgers" served for lunch in the Williams Hall cafeteria...and watching soap operas in the TV lounge after lunch. I remember the dedication and compassion of professors like Tim Conley, Larry Aspin, and Bill Hall. My academic experiences at Bradley prepared me for my career and my pursuit of advanced degrees! So many fond memories.
     - Wendy (Danley) Davis '92

I remember planning one of the best days ever, Earth Day. The band, Aunt Betsy, unforgettable. The friends. Avanti's bread. Endless hours of chatting in random halls on campus.
     - Renuka (Gopal) Prachand '98

I will always remember Dr. Clifford and Mr. Armstrong who guided me into taking courses that truly helped me in later years to become the best educator I could be. The experiences they put me through from the theater to the podium gave me the courage and the confidence to succeed in my life's journey.
     - Lorraine (Tani) Kennett '69

I discovered my passion in the middle of my junior year while taking courses from Bob Cagle (Dramatics) and Henry Vanderhayden (Broadcasting). They helped mold my skills in such a way that I have had a long and enriching career in Radio & TV. I am thankful to them and Bradley University.
     - Ralph Lawler '61

Learning Business Statistics from professor W.R. Smith on the local golf courses during the Summer of 1970.
     - David Baughman '71

My most valued memories of Bradley University are like a road map which helped prepare me for career and life. They include the challenge of Dr. Snider's FEs. The many spiritual and truthful life lessons imparted by Dr. Garrett. Learning almost as much out of the classroom (chairing the concert & lecture series committee, on-air at WRBU, the Greek experience, working at the Student Center and attending basketball games) as in it. The many life-long friends discovered are cherished. And, most important, finding my life-mate of 42 years, Gail (Taradash,'68), a true miracle. The journey started at Bradley and still continues today.
     - Daniel Mark Smith '67

A fond memory was when Dr. Goldberg asked me if I ever considered getting a PhD and teaching. This changed my life and enriched my life beyond all expectations. I had never conceived of being a college professor before this encounter. I am eternally grateful to the late Dr. Goldberg and Bradley for a wonderful career and life.
     - William Bonifield '58

Mainly all the aspects of inter-fraternity competitions, the old fieldhouse, and trying to find a place to park.....
     - Ron Roberts '54

One of my favorite memories is the craziness of Sorority Rush. I was Pi Beta Phi's rush chairman for a year. So much fun, so much work but very rewarding. Taught me organizational and motivational skills I have used throughout my life. The funniest part was when I came down with the Chicken Pox and had to immediately leave campus! Luckily it was during winter rush so was not a total disaster. Bradley's Greek system is a highlight of my college experience!
     - Diane Leonard '81

One of my best memories of Bradley is my freshman year living on the first floor of Sisson Hall. I had a wonderful roommate. There was a great group of girls living on the first floor. I knew no one when I went to Bradley. It was a whole new, wonderful experience for me.
     - Leigh (Taylor) Anderson '69

I vividly remember walking across campus to Bradley Hall for my first class on the first day of my freshman year. Likewise, I still remember turning in my last paper four years later - also in Bradley Hall - and walking out on the campus with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Having grown up across the street from campus, Bradley has always been like a home to me... and it will forever be a very special place.
     - Michael King '90

Thank you for remembering me these many years - In the past I did attend two of the years meetings. They were most enjoyable and it was very interesting to see the many changes in the department. I was sure happy to see the department will have a new home. One thing - all those steps to the third floor in Bradley Hall helped keep us all slim and in good health. My best to all.
     - Lois (Beier) McCarthy '41

At 84 years old, my era at Bradley from 1947-59 were great years. Great president, professors, great GI friends, great non-GI friends, great Peoria folks - hospitality extraordinary by its people.
     - James G Y Ho '50

I remember watching Dr. Zivago in Olin Hall my freshman year. After watching all of the snow scenes, we came out to the first heavy snow of the winter. It felt like you had walked into the movie - that is until you got hit by the first snowball and realized the entire quad had erupted into a giant snowball fight.
     - Karen (Smith) Kleemann '81

Midnight breakfasts in Williams Hall during finals. Steak and eggs breakfast for those unable to get away during Easter. Bradley's drama program. Practicing for hours (voice and piano) in the music building. The first snow. 10:00 pm daily prayer meetings with IVCF. Fire drills and the one that was NOT a fire drill.
     - Karen (Lystra) Benoit '84

How many of the current visitors to the campus today can compare it to the one that existed when we all arrived in the Fall of 1946?
     - Robert Callbeck '51

Using my laundry quarters to buy pizza bread at Avanti's.
     - Carrie (Peterson) Herrmann '98

Walking through the quad and knowing both my sisters, one of my brothers and my brother-in-law all walked the same sidewalks as me years earlier. Knowing that I too would make it through college, graduate and succeed.
     - Jillene Szostak '01

I scored a 100 on my History exam and my Economics exam. My major was Civil Engineering and I graduated with a 3.7/4.0 GPA. I did very well in my engineering courses also.
     - Hetal Shah '93

My first year at Bradley was a mixture of excitement and heartache. Excited for all that was new...friendships, hopes of a career, independence; and also sorrow because my mom was dying from cancer. She died my Freshman year. Sometimes our worst memories make way for our best. The faculty, administration, and my BU friends were incredible. I recognized my boyfriend, now my husband, was someone who I could trust to be there for me. It was also when my faith in Christ was tested and strengthened.
     - Diana (Bonham) Waldron '91

Walking from Sisson Hall to the Engineering building during my freshman year the Fall of 1959. Many of the students in dorms had windows open and you could hear music of the "50's". You gotta love it.
     - Commissioner Leo von Scheben '64

"Remember them as they were; and write them off" - Ernest Hemingway. Love the gargoyle's on the "tower". Keep them!
     - Douglas Pherigo '82

Speech contest trips with Dr. Larry Norton - evenings with Dr. Norton and his wonderful wife, Eleanor. The whole speech and drama student and faculty crew - 1950-53. Times our S.S. groups spent with Dr. Maurice Boyd and his wife. Wonderful memories - at age 81 I still remember with joy!
     - Sara (Caulkin) Hornberger '53

Bradley basketball on the campus!! Bradley vs. Louisville for the MVC Championship. Having Dr. Abegg to my house for a traditional Friday night Jewish Sabbath Dinner.
     - Jeffrey Greenfield '74

don't think I can sum up my Bradley experience in just one memory! It's such an integral part of my life. I knew about Bradley almost before any other school because of my dad (class of '54). From my first college visit, I was certain this was the right place, right size for me. As soon as my first move-in day in 1989, I started getting involved in campus organizations, including the Student Alumni Association (SAA) now known as the Bradley Ambassadors. So the seeds of my active involvement now as a proud alum were sown at the start of my freshman year. Through classes, residential hall life, and numerous campus organizations, I made lasting friendships as well as connections with faculty/staff that continually strengthen my bond with Bradley. It's truly a special place and all of the memories come rushing back every time I return to campus.
     - Kristin (Smith) Ladewig '93

My best memory of Bradley University is singing for 4 years with the Bradley Chorale under the direction of Dr. John Davis. During the 4 years I sang with the Chorale, we were blessed with the opportunity to perform in places like historic Town Hall on West 43rd Street in the Broadway District of New York City, the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. and an impromptu (and unauthorized) concert in the U.S. Capital Building Rotunda, the famous Chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado and many local and Midwestern concerts. In the summer of 1970, there was the concert tour of European cities which included almost a week behind the Iron Curtain in Communist Block countries. Yes, my memories of Bradley Chorale top even Joe Allen and the Bradley Braves Missouri Valley and NIT basketball games.
     - Stan Jacobs '70

Having Dr. Agnes Reynolds bring English Lit to life with stories about authors and personages of each era.
     - Barbara Winer '69

Walking onto campus and showing it to my mom for the first time in Aug. 1979. I had been at orientation and this was her first visit. The Ivy on Bradley Hall was so collegiate and it just felt like I was in the middle of a movie about a freshman going a long way away from home to college (I'm from Florida). It seemed like the perfect college on that day and all these years later Bradley was not only perfect for me then, it still is now. I love getting together with Chi O's and college friends from floor 1A as well as all the athletes I worked with in Sports Info and remembering all the good times. It was truly a perfect college adventure then and every time I visit campus. And those basketball games in the Fieldhouse, it was awesome to be a part of that wonderful, innocent, spectacular time in history.
     - Laura Herlovich '79

I always remember the friends I made at Bradley and the professors who helped put me on the path that has led to where I am today. Special shout out to Dr. Joe for pushing me to take the IBA Scholarship and Internship. Good looking out.
     - Chris Brathwaite '89

The football games played on the athletic field south of the gymnasium.
     - Deane Richardson '41

Playing baseball for coach Leo Schrall for four years (1952-56). Especially have fond memories of the 1956 College World Series where we had to play without Lee Utt, Eddie Taylor and Ralph Wenk (there was some crazy NCAA rule then where players who had played in games for four years, couldn't play in the World Series). The rule was changed I understand the next year (1957). A best memory is of meeting my wife Elaine in the Reading Lab in "55". We are now married 54 years!
     - David Wright '56

The first day/week back from summer vacation. The reunion with friends you hadn't seen since Spring finals. The feeling on campus and on the quad was so warm and excited to be back. Frat boys playing bags or throwing footballs. Blankets for friends to share and the week of casual events that made you feel like a freshman again.
     - Jennifer Klesman '08

One of my best memories is walking around campus with my botany class to identify many of the beautiful trees and shrubs.
     - Dr. Cynthia Brissette-Storkus '83

Taking an English class with my sister who graduated my sophomore year. Four of my family members are Bradley Braves!
     - Kelly Laurent '95

Preparing floats and decorating fraternity houses for homecoming 1950-51.
     - Richard Tringali '51

I met friends at Bradley Orientation that I sat next to at graduation. Stepping on campus immediately expanded my family!
     - Amber Huett '08

As a member of the Bradley baseball team in 1951, a highly touted Ft. Leonardwood baseball team came to Bradley. They were loaded with professional players that day, including their pitcher who was a local major leaguer. We lost the game 9-4 but I hit two home runs off the "Big Leaguer".
     - Emil Syngel '53

We got engaged on the steps of Bradley Hall. Bill picked the spot to propose "so we'd always have a place to come back to". We had finished our classes - his senior year, my junior one - and had been to a Scout year-end celebration that afternoon. After dinner at the Fish House and a movie, we went for a walk on campus where he nervously brought out the ring. Of course I said yes - we just celebrated our 35th anniversary.
     - Catherine (Weinrich) Smith '75

The baseball coach, Chuck Buescher, took me to Hunt's on Farmington Rd. I had a tenderloin, root beer and a commitment that I would have every opportunity to play baseball. Enough said. I attended Bradley and to this day stay in touch with many of the friends I made.
     - James Shadid '79

All of the wonderful basketball games in the old Bradley gym! Also, the fraternity and sorority events back in 1946-1949.
     - Richard Adamson '49

Bradley University is where we met and fell in love. our first date was to a soccer game at Shea Stadium.
     - Lisa (Dwyer) Depies '03

Bradley University is where we met and fell in love. our first date was to a soccer game at Shea Stadium.
     - Steven Depies '04

Walking across campus and seeing so many recognizable faces. Other Bradley students would say "hi" and smile between classes, or while running to a campus event or late-night study session at the library. There was ALWAYS time to be friendly. This made me feel like I was part of the Bradley family.
     - Stephanie Block '02

When I started at Bradley their were many students that had served in the Second World War and were given Educational grants. As a result, there weren't enough class rooms so many classes were held in quonset huts. They were either too hot or too cold. Also, some classes were held on the top floor of Duryea Hall above the machine shop and access was from steps outside the building. It has been since torn down. Also, another memory was attending basketball games when BU was number one in the nation
     - Ed True '54

Watching the Braves defeat Louisville on my 21st Birthday!
     - Roger Paul '76

I remember all of the fun we had on U-Hall 4B freshman year. We nicknamed the floor 'The Penthouse' and were all basically inseparable that year. To this day, I remain good friends with many of those guys. Freshman year at Bradley was one of the most enjoyable (albeit sometimes random) years of my life :)
     - Brian Williamsen '98

So many great memories including attending Freshmen orientation, meeting Muhamad Ali on campus, fraternity events like "calling out"-Greek Week- IFC football, Campus Carnival, feeling good about the 8.0 gpa scale and all those great home basketball games at the Fieldhouse. Making friends from all parts of the US. What great fun!
     - Gary Bergman '69

My Bradley experience was great, and i continue to grow in appreciation and respect for Lydia Moss Bradley and all that she has given to the educational community and Peoria. My fondest memories are of my days in Westlake Hall. Dean Bent was always approachable as he tended the bushes and flowers surrounding the hall. Inside, you were often greeted by the resident squirrel who roamed the offices looking for treats. The faculty and staff were always welcoming and interested in your success. P.S. I always stopped by to rub Lydia's nose for luck before a big test.
     - Pat (Doran) Kellogg '67

My fondest memories of Bradley surround my work with the men's basketball team as student manager. I was working with the team during the NCAA season of 1986 and was able to make great friendships with the players- two of whom were Jim Les and Hersey Hawkins. When Jim came back as men's basketball coach, he provided tickets to a game that became the first date with my now wife-Stephanie Vala- Class of 1991.
     - Rich Draeger '87

I have hundreds of memories of my time at BU. The memory that comes to mind as I type this was the block party of 2000. I was so happy to be back at campus with my fraternity brothers, classmates, and friends. I realized that night how many friends I made freshman year and how much I missed BU over the summer. It felt so good to be back on campus and with all of my friends. I knew that year would be great and every year thereafter at BU would be great!
     - Matthew Kuntz '04

I remember being at the Bradley/ISU game that decided the conference championship - the atmosphere at Carver Arena was electric! We all ran out on the court when the buzzer sounded...ESPN was there...we all felt a real sense of pride for our school. Good times!
     - Brian Williamsen '98