Tutoring Services


Students with consistent attendance in tutoring see a significant change in their understanding of course content and an increase in grades.  Whether you are struggling with course content or have a “B” and want to get an “A,” you are encouraged to try tutoring.

Tips for a Successful Peer Tutoring Session

What should I bring to tutoring?  Textbook, lecture notes, prepared questions, a notebook or paper, writing utensils, and a willingness to participate

What should I NOT bring to tutoring?  Cell phone, gum, food, drinks and anything that could distract your peers

How do I get started?  Review the tutoring schedule to see when the course you need help with is offered. Arrive to appropriate location, sign in to TutorTrac with your SID and find your tutor. Ask for help with study skills, practice problems, or general concepts.

Who can use peer tutoring and how much does it cost?  Peer tutoring is FREE for all currently registered Bradley students.

The CLA offers tutoring for traditionally difficult courses. If the course you are looking for is not offered, the CLA offers students other academic resources including academic coaching, Academic Skills Workshops, and Learning Communities.  Additionally, try the Writing Center for help with written work, look for departmental tutoring not listed on the drop-in schedule, and don’t forget your professor is your best resource of all.

 *** All drop-in and 1-on-1 tutoring ends on Study Day ***

Drop-In Tutoring


IS 104         Wed May 3       3p-5p     w/ Raegen      CLA, Lib Rm 308

ECO 221     Wed May 3     11a-1p      w/ Alanna      CLA, Lib Rm 308

BIO  111     Thu May 4        1p-3p       w/ Arlene      Olin 148

 *** All drop-in and 1-on-1 tutoring ends on Study Day ***

One-on-One Appointments 

Click here to log into the TutorTrac system.

Click here  for step-by-step directions on scheduling in TutorTrac.