Tutorial Services

During the fall and spring semesters, Bradley University undergraduate students may receive up to two hours of free tutoring per week for classes taught at Bradley.  Students desiring additional tutoring have the option of paying for additional time at a rate of $8.25 per hour.

Tutoring is provided through the generosity of the Bradley Parents' Association and the Bradley Varsity Club

While the Writing Center is not under the Center for Learning Assistance, help is available. The Writing Center is located in Bradley Hall 390. Individual instruction is available to any student of the University who requests it or is referred by an instructor. For more information contact (309) 677-3254 or view their website.


Click here to create an APPOINTMENT using the TUTOR TRAC program which will allow you to obtain tutor names and contact information. If you are having trouble logging into TUTOR TRAC, try using MOZILLA FIREFOX as your browser.

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Click here to fill out an EVALUATION of your tutor.  This will be sent directly to the Coordinator of Student Tutoring Services.

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Free Math Drop In Tutoring

FALL 2015

Begins Tuesday, September 8th 

Ends Thursday, December 3rd

3rd Floor Library, RM308

                            MTH 109, MTH 115, MTH 116, 

                             MTH 118, MTH 119, MTH 121

                     Tuesday--8:00-9:30 pm (Nick Schreiner)

                   Wednesday--8:00-9:30 pm (Dennis Gessert)

                     Thursday--8:00-10:00 pm (Jared Spilky)

                 Center will be closed Monday and Tuesday,
                  10/12 and 10/13 (Fall Break) and
                  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 11/25, 11/26, 11/27
                  (Thanksgiving Break)