Smith Career Center Online Registration - Alumni

Bradley University alumni may submit a registration request to the Smith Career Center to obtain an eRecruiting web account. Having an eRecruiting account allows registered users to review Web job listings. Registration is restricted to alumni.

You will be sent an e-mail within two (2) business days to confirm your username and password.


If any information provided in a registrant's eRecruiting account, resume, or other application materials/activities is found to be inaccurate, disciplinary action through the Smith Career Center and/or the University’s judicial system may be taken. Examples of misrepresentation, as they apply to the Smith Career Center, would include falsifying information provided during an interview, at a career fair, in a written resume or cover letter, and in eRecruiting profiles, resume books, and uploaded resumes.

Authorization to Release Information

I authorize the Smith Career Center to disclose information about me from its database to all prospective employers, to electronic job-seeking services that are accessed by employers, and to third-party employment services. I give permission for the Smith Career Center to override any "stop of release" form I may have filed at any time in the Registrar's Office of Bradley University. I authorize transmission of my information in any media such as paper, fax, electronic mail or the Internet. Should I wish to alter these permissions, I may do so by submitting a written request to the Smith Career Center.