Graduate Survey

We want to hear from you! Your success in locating employment or being accepted to graduate school is important to the entire Bradley community. The statistics generated from the following survey (all information concerning specific individuals is kept confidential) are used to assist in career advising for future graduates, departmental evaluations, and university grant applications.

This survey is widely circulated on campus in order to obtain information on over 90% of each graduating class. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED THIS SURVEY, WE THANK YOU. THERE IS NO NEED TO RETURN ANOTHER SURVEY.

If you are still actively seeking employment, please return this survey and remember to update your eRecruiting profile screens with your current address, telephone, and e-mail information. Also, check your documents list to confirm your most recent resume has been uploaded and published. Your account will remain active until we are notified that you are no longer seeking employment.

Career Advisors are available to assist you with your job search or graduate school search throughout the summer, as well as the academic year. We can be reached at (309) 677-2510.

(*) denotes required information.

Student Information

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* While a student, did you gain experience related to your field of study or career interests through co-op, internships, practicum, part-time work, summer jobs, volunteering, etc? Yes    No

Employment Status

Please select the one statement that best describes your current status Employed, Self-Employed, or Have Accepted Employment
Received Offer(s), have not accepted at this time
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Continuing Education
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Newspaper Ad
Would you say this job is related to your career goals / field of study? Not Related    Somewhat Related    Related    Very Related

Employment Offers:
Please notify the Smith Career Center of your decision
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Annual Salary
State / Province
Annual Salary
Did you recieve any other employment offers? Yes    No
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eRecruiting Account

If you have an eRecruiting account, do you wish to continue access to the web job listings and receive e-mail concerning events / recruiters?
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Yes, I would like to access the Job Listings Only. I will delete my e-mail address from the eRecruiting registration screen
No. Please deactivate my account. I realize I will no longer have access to eRecruiting services unless I call the Smith Career Center to reactivate my account
I do not have an eRecruiting account


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