Interviewing Tools


We are pleased to present biginterview_logo , Bradley’s new, custom interview training system. Students have complimentary access to up to date information about interview best practices and mock interview modules which allow you to record and save your answers to a wide variety of interview questions.

Why should I use Big Interview?

Preparation and practice are key to a successful interview. Big Interview can assist students in a variety of ways:

  • By offering unlimited interview practice, and the ability to record your responses by both audio and video as many times as you see fit with the ability to save responses for review at a later date

  • Providing tips and suggestions for the toughest interview questions

  • Online sharing with career center staff, faculty, family, friends, and alumni from any computer with internet access, and the ability to access your recorded videos from the big interview site at any time

  • Video lessons and guided modules to allow students to move through the provided modules at their own pace

How do I register for my Big Interview account?

  1. Create a free account by clicking the "Join Here" button at the top of the screen, or access the site by clicking on the biginterview_logo link on the Student page of our website. View the available demonstration to learn how to use the Big Interview resources.

  2. To register, click on the available link and follow the instructions provided. Enter our assigned school code (bu348) and other demographic information including your name and school email. Once you have completed this step you will receive a confirmation email that will allow you to fully access your account.

  3. Make sure to keep your account information in a safe place. For re-entry to the Big Interview site, click on the biginterview_logo link on the left had side of Student page of the Smith Career Center website.

  4. Browse the site by following the links provided on My Dashboard or the tabs located at the top of the screen:

    Interview Training

    Utilize the Video Curriculum to view 10 lessons available that contain videos on relevant interview topics. Following each lesson, conduct the homework assignments provided to test your knowledge. Start with the fundamentals and end with the most difficult questions compiled by interview experts.
    You may also choose the Interviewing Essentials tab to search 7 modules containing information from ‘Basic Interview Skills’ to the ‘Top 10 interview Questions.’

    Practice Interviews

    Here, you may record, edit, save, and review your responses to a variety of interview questions. (Please note: if you do not have a webcam, the Smith Career Center has a computer equipped with a webcam that you are welcome to use. Schedule an appointment by calling (309) 677-2510. On the day of your appointment, stop by 104 Burgess Hall and the receptionist will take you to the computer. Be sure to bring your password and account information with you to the appointment).

    Interview Roulette

    Try your luck at interview questions distributed at random…..Just like a real interview! Record your responses and review them with others.

    My Tools

    This section allows you to monitor your interview question library and access your previously recorded videos. If you are having trouble with certain interview questions, Interview Answer Builder can help you to build sold answers, and Interview Coaching can provide you with additional one-on-one coaching.

    Having Trouble?

    Call the Smith Career at (309) 677-2510 with any questions.