Faculty at Bradley are great teachers, researchers and scholars. They share their passion for their fields of study, ignite a sense of wonder among their students, and discover new information that will make a profound difference in the world. Spending a few minutes with Bradley faculty from five extraordinary colleges and one amazing graduate school will spark your imagination and enrich your day. New video segments will be added to this gallery, and we invite you back to hear from other members of Bradley's distinguished faculty.

"Stem Cell Research"
Dr. Craig Cady

Video: 1:35

"Illinois Poet Laureate"
Dr. Kevin Stein

Video: 1:32

"Wonder Experiment"
Dr. Robert Fuller

Video: 2:15

"Interactive Environments"
Mr. James Ferolo

Video: 2:16

"Garlic Mustard"
Dr. Kelly McConnaughay

Video: 1:33

"Improving Ultrasound"
Dr. Jose Sanchez

Video: 1:42

"Regulating the Brain"
Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin

Video: 1:42

"Efficient Engineering"
Dr. Marty Morris

Video: 1:33

"A Great Workplace"
Dr. Jennifer Robin

Video: 1:25

"Entropy Earthquake"
Dr. David Zietlow

Video: 1:39