Student Organizations Roster

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Campus Outreach

President: Bradley Renshaw (

Equipping college students to be disciple-makers in the real world. Part of the College Ministry at Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL. 7-14


President: Safura Sultana (

The aim of this organization is to promote awareness of global hunger & poverty, to assist students in developing leadership skills, and to raise funds for various local and global humanitarian projects. We are dedicated to defending dignity and fighting poverty. 4-14

Catholic Braves (formerly St Joseph Newman Center)

President: Anna Marie Hahn (

updated 9/13

Chamber Orchestra

President: Dr John Jost (



President: Ryan Hinnen


Cheerleading Club

President: Lauren Wolfrum (

The purpose of Bradley Cheerleading Club is to direct cheering at Bradley University men's basketball games and pep rallies.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

President: Paul Calio (

A multicultural Christian group which holds bible studies, discipleship groups, cell groups, and encounter services. 8/14

Chi Omega

President: Annie Myren (

Updated 7/14

Chicago Steppers

President: Deanna Wellere (



President: Daniella Miranda (


Chinese Culture Association

President: Troy Hung (

CCA is dedicated to helping students learn about and share the Chinese culture as well as towards fostering a sense of community among its members. CCA will also put effort in helping Chinese students who are new to Bradley to adapt to the new college life. 9/13


President: Adam Windish (

Auditions are required and one credit hour will be received for each semester of participation in this ensemble which performs for campus, the community and occasional European tours. Updated 8/13

Cigar Club

President: Sean Kirby (

This club is created for the purpose of development regarding taste, use, and appreciation of cigars. We are also going to develop other traits & characteristics vital for the proper use of cigars. It is also designed as a networking group allowing a connection of members to other members, non-members, the community, or anyone else involved in any event. 10/13

Circle K

President: Julia Reagan (

Strives to meet the personal needs of the individual collegian through the qualities of leadership, the rewards of service and the unique spirit of friendship as a student chapter of Kiwanis International. 7/13

College Democrats

President: Katie Conterio (

Promotes understanding of the political process, registers voters and assists the Democratic Party with campaigns and events. 8/14

College Republicans

President: Jason Blumenthal (

Promotes understanding of the political process, registers voters and assists the Republican Party with campaigns and events. updated 8/13

Colleges Against Cancer

President: Jamie Sarius (

Plans and implements the annual Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 9/13

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Org. (CEO)

President: Harsh Shah (

Enhances and promotes opportunities for students interested in entrepreneurial pursuits through the networking of students, faculty and successful entrepreneurs. 2-14

Common Ground

President: Kelli Pinsky (

Gy,a lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning student alliance. Updated 8/13

Communications Council

President: Mike Keup (

The umbrella organization for the student newspaper, arts magazine and radio station. 8/13

Community Chorus

President: Dr john Jost (

Auditions are required and one half-credit will be received for participation in this ensemble which studies music through the performance of major works with an orchestra. 8/13

Criminal Justice Club

President: Cody Lonigro (

This organization endeavors to create a better understanding of how criminal justice issues affect the BU community as well as the society at large. It shall serve as a resource to criminal justice majors and the Administration of Criminal Justice Program. /13


President: Matt Kresnicka (

Strives to help students establish a strong relationship with God and each other while having an impact on campus through bible studies, large group meetings, retreats, conferences, prayer meetings and socials. Updated 8/14