Student Organizations Roster

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Campus Outreach

President: Bradley Renshaw (

Equipping college students to be disciple-makers in the real world. Part of the College Ministry at Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL. 7-14


President: Safura Sultana (

The aim of this organization is to promote awareness of global hunger & poverty, to assist students in developing leadership skills, and to raise funds for various local and global humanitarian projects. We are dedicated to defending dignity and fighting poverty. 4-14

Catholic Braves (formerly St Joseph Newman Center)

President: Joseph Muting (

updated 9-14

Chamber Orchestra

President: Dr John Jost (



President: Ryan Hinnen


Cheerleading Club

President: Lauren Wolfrum (

The purpose of Bradley Cheerleading Club is to direct cheering at Bradley University men's basketball games and pep rallies.

Chemistry Club

President: Joshua Peterson (


Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

President: Paul Calio (

A multicultural Christian group which holds bible studies, discipleship groups, cell groups, and encounter services. 8/14

Chi Omega

President: Annie Myren (

Updated 7/14

Chicago Steppers

President: Deanna Wellere (



President: Daniella Miranda (

Work towards bringing a Latina-based sorority to campus by fostering a wide student interest and participation in activities by providing educational, cultural, service and social events. Also to assist female students in developing skills and leadership opportunities within Bradley's campus, and to empower and create a more inclusive environment for minority women. 9-14

Chinese Culture Association

President: Troy Hung (

CCA is dedicated to helping students learn about and share the Chinese culture as well as towards fostering a sense of community among its members. CCA will also put effort in helping Chinese students who are new to Bradley to adapt to the new college life. 9/13


President: Adam Windish (

Auditions are required and one credit hour will be received for each semester of participation in this ensemble which performs for campus, the community and occasional European tours. Updated 8/13

Cigar Club

President: Sean Kirby (

This club is created for the purpose of development regarding taste, use, and appreciation of cigars. We are also going to develop other traits & characteristics vital for the proper use of cigars. It is also designed as a networking group allowing a connection of members to other members, non-members, the community, or anyone else involved in any event. 9/14

Circle K

President: Julia Reagan (

Strives to meet the personal needs of the individual collegian through the qualities of leadership, the rewards of service and the unique spirit of friendship as a student chapter of Kiwanis International. 7/13

College Democrats

President: Katie Conterio (

Promotes understanding of the political process, registers voters and assists the Democratic Party with campaigns and events. 8/14

College Republicans

President: Jason Blumenthal (

Promotes understanding of the political process, registers voters and assists the Republican Party with campaigns and events. updated 8/13

Colleges Against Cancer

President: Jamie Sarius (

Plans and implements the annual Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 9/13

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Org. (CEO)

President: Harsh Shah (

Enhances and promotes opportunities for students interested in entrepreneurial pursuits through the networking of students, faculty and successful entrepreneurs. 2-14

Common Ground

President: Kelli Pinsky (

Gay-Straight Student Alliance focused on creating a comfortable environment for LGBTQAI students. 9-14

Communications Council

President: Mike Keup (

The umbrella organization for the student newspaper, arts magazine and radio station. 8/13

Community Chorus

President: Dr john Jost (

Auditions are required and one half-credit will be received for participation in this ensemble which studies music through the performance of major works with an orchestra. 8/13

Criminal Justice Club

President: Cody Lonigro (

This organization endeavors to create a better understanding of how criminal justice issues affect the BU community as well as the society at large. It shall serve as a resource to criminal justice majors and the Administration of Criminal Justice Program. /13


President: Matt Kresnicka (

Strives to help students establish a strong relationship with God and each other while having an impact on campus through bible studies, large group meetings, retreats, conferences, prayer meetings and socials. Updated 8/14

Cure Search

President: Kally Kibitlewski (

The purpose of the club shall be to inform and educate students about CureSearch and childhood cancer; also to raise funds for CureSearch, and to reach out to children who have cancer in the Peoria area. 9-14