Student Organizations Roster

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Lacrosse - Women's

President: Elise Nelton (


Lacrosse Club -Men's

President: Graeme Miles (

The purpose of this club is to provide those interested with an opportunity to maintain involvement in the sport of lacrosse and to help newcomers get acquainted and comfortable with the sport. 5/15

Lambda Chi Alpha

President: George Krstev (

updated 3-15

League of Legends Club

President: Jacob Gruener (

To promote friendship, teamwork, and communication among our members. It shall be open to players of all skill levels and provide an equal and fun environment. 8/15


President: Jessica Chandler (



President: Markist Booker (

The purpose of this club is to establish a longboarding community on campus for longboarders of all skill levels to come together and skate. 8/15