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SAE International (Formerly Society of Automotive Eng.)

President: Kenneth Ratekin (

Technical education & advancement of its members by providing opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering and engineering technology professions through sponsoring meetings which will bring engineering & associated personnel to the campus; arranging field trips t research establishments; encourage participation in society sponsored chapter and nat'l programs. 9/13

Salsa Club

President: Ashley Brice (



President: Vickie Berkow (

updated 8/13


President: Kristin Kreher (


Sigma Alpha Epsilon

President: kyle Moore (

updated 8/13

Sigma Alpha Iota

President: Natashia Coan (


Sigma Chi Fraternity

President: Jake Lawniczak (

Updated 12/13

Sigma Delta Tau

President: Allison Randall (

updated 8/13

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

President: Lania West (

updated 8/13

Sigma Iota Rho

President: Jeremy Stewart (

Promotes and rewards scholarship and service among students and practitioners of international studies, international affairs, and global studies and fosters integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs. 9/13

Sigma Kappa Beta Nu Sorority

President: Jessica Martin (

updated 12/13

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

President: Drew Blumenshine (


Sigma Phi Epsilon

President: Nathan Kocurek (


Sigma Tau Delta (English)

President: Emily Daniel (

Confers distinction for high achievement in English studies, provides cultural stimulation and encourages creative critical writing. 11/13


President: Will Parkhurst (

updated 8/13

Soccer - Men's

President: John Scott hegel (


Soccer - Women's

President: Parisa Ghasemi (

updated 8/13

Social Service Organization (BUSS)

President: Alexandra Orput (

Provides opportunities for social service majors to learn more about the field in a non-classroom setting. 10-13

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

President: Henry Larson (


Society of Physics Students

President: Emily Roth (


Society of Women Engineers

President: Shelby Speirer (

This national organization is designed to promote women in technical or engineering disciplines by providing meetings, social gatherings, industry tours and networking with professional engineers. 8/13

Sociology Club

President: Katie Dahlman (

Purpose of this club is to promote the interaction between sociology and social service students and the faculty of the department. Students and faculty meet for social activities, discussion and programs. updated 1/14

Sonor (SOcial NORming)

President: Emily Streeter (

SONOR is a team of talented students that create marketing/advertising campaigns that promote positive social norms about substance use on campus. 9/13

Sportsman's Club

President: Jake Mason (


Student Aides

President: David Trillizio (

Undergraduate students who support the summer orientation programs with student mentoring and serve as student assistants for EHS120 classes in the fall3 8/13

Student Education Association

President: Erin Carroll (

Cultivates and empowers future teachers by furthering their development throughout the higher education process. updated 8/13

Student Environmental Action Coalition - SEAC

President: Ashley Brice (

Educates the campus community about environmental issues and works to improve the University�s recycling program. 8/13

Student Health Advisory Committee

President: Kelsie Smith (


Student Senate

President: Zach Shaw (

This elected body of students recommends courses of action and communicates students� viewpoints to the administration, faculty and staff. updated 8/13

Students for Life

President: Ashley Swank (

Updated 8/13

Students Today Leaders Forever

President: Ryan Gutchewsky (


Students United for Change

President: Whitney Huggins (

updated 8/13

Study Abroad Veterans Association

President: Christine Blouch (

Educates the campus about the study abroad program by sharing individual experiences through classroom presentations. 8/13


President: JulieAnne Bixby (

Promotes swing dancing through weekly workshops and semester dances with a live swing band. 8/13

Symphony Orchestra

President: Caleb Mackinder (

Auditions are required and one credit hour will be received for each semester of participation in this ensemble comprised of student and community string players. Updated 8/13