Subcommittee 1 - Current General Education committee: Current Data, Practices and Expertise


Subcommittee #1 is the current standing subcommittee of the University Senate, responsible for oversight of the General Education program. Population rules are articulated in the Faculty Handbook.

  • Terms Expiring in April 2014
    • Mat Timm*, LAS MTH (nominated by Dean Etaugh) BR 464, x2508
    • David Zietlow, EGT ME (nominated by Dean Johnson) JOB 314, x2710
    • Dean Cantu, EHS ETE (nominated by Provost) WES 215, x3190
    • Tim Koeltzow**, LAS PSY (nom. by Provost) BR 82, x2590
    • Dean Campbell***, LAS CHM (nom. by Dean Robertson), OH 211, x3029
  • Terms Expiring in April 2015
    • Peter Dusenbery, LAS ENG (nominated by Dean Etaugh) BR 375, x2465
    • Todd Kelly, CFA MUS (nominated by Dean Huberman) CON 306, x2597
    • Jason Zaborowski****, LAS RLS (nominated by Provost) BR 283, x2444
  • Terms Expiring in April 2016
    • Peter Olson, EHS ETE (nominated by Dean Sattler) WES 232, x3693
    • Charles West, BUS ETL (nominated by Dean Radson) BAK 324, x2285
    • Dawn Hall, EHS, PT (nominated by Provost) OH 344, x3203
  • Student Member
    • Sarah Handler (nominated by Student Senate)
  • Kelly McConnaughay, Chairperson, BR 226, x2383

* on sabbatical Spring 2014
** sabbatical replacement for JZ
*** sabbatical replacement for MT
**** on sabbatical for 2013-14 year



Along with the charge outlined in the University Senate Handbook, Subcommittee 1 will focus on the following tasks relating to this project:

  • Develop assessment plan in collaboration with University-wide Assessment Team and Subcommittees 3 and obtain feedback as needed
  • Obtain feedback on assessment plan from faculty and units involved in general education
  • Work with accredited programs to ensure articulation with assessments required for accreditations
  • Support the value of general education through marketing and communication goals and messages
  • Support C&R proposal development and approval process
  • Respond to draft program templates, other recommendations and documents, and requests from the Steering Committee


The function of the General Education Committee shall be:

  1. To evaluate course proposals according to the current General Education guidelines and forward recommendations to the Committee on Curriculum and Regulations;
  2. To establish policies for transfer credit of general education coursework;
  3. To facilitate ongoing assessment of general education in collaboration with the appropriate departments or divisions;
  4. To foster an environment that promotes general education as the unifying foundation of Bradley’s diverse intellectual community.

Comments & Questions

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the work of this subcommittee, please visit the Comments & Questions section of this website.