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To contact the Technology HelpDesk, please call (309) 677-2964 or visit us in the Cullom-Davis Library. See menu items at left or scroll down on this page for more useful technology information.

Bradley Email Phishing Attempt

A fake email phishing scam is being circulated that claims the you have exceeded your web bandwidth limit. It falsely claims that it was sent by Bradley. The email asks you to review the email and click a link to automatically renew your bandwidth. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. Please delete the email immediately.

Bradley IT Outages

Open Items:

Closed Items:

Urgent Password Change Announcement

Due to a recent Web service vulnerability called Heartbleed, anyone who has not changed their password since noon today (4/9/14), needs to change their Bradley password immediately. You can change your password by logging in to MyBu and selecting the Password Change option under the My Info tab.

Help Desk Email Phishing Attempt

A new email phishing attempt is being circulated claiming to be from the Administrator of the Bradley HelpDesk. The email claims that the HelpDesk is sending an email out to all account users for an upgrade and will deactivate all inactive accounts. Do not click on the link included in the email. Please delete the email immediately.

Bravesites.com Email Phishing Alert

A phishing email being circulated that has the Subject: Upgrade Email Now! and claims to be from bravesites.com. If you receive this email, delete it and DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK ENCLOSED.

Windows 8 Wireless Connectivity

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ONLY THE WINDOWS 8 PRO VERSION WILL CONNECT TO BRADLEY'S SECURE WIRELESS NETWORK (BUsecure). We strongly suggest that you upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, if you are using the regular Windows 8 version. To upgrade to Windows 8 Pro with a special student price, click HERE. For more information on Windows 8, click HERE.

If you choose not to upgrade, please take your computer to the HelpDesk to be registered on BUother. BUother has the same services as BUsecure, but is not a secured network.

New CryptoLocker PC Malware Alert

A new “ransomware” malware email is circulating that claims to be sent from Intuit (the makers of Quickbooks). The email has an attached zip file that contains an executable file, that once launched, encrypts data not only on the user’s hard drive, but also data that is stored on the users connected network and/or external drives. DO NOT OPEN EMAIL ATTACHMENTS FROM EMAILS THAT APPEAR TO BE FROM INTUIT. For more detailed information click here.

How to Protect Data on Mobile Devices

With the rise in use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, it's becoming increasingly important to take measures to protect the data stored on and accessed from the device.

Here are some tips on how to secure your data in the event your device has been lost or stolen. Continue to find out more.

New Employee Help Page

Visit the New Employee Help Page for helpful tips about getting started on campus. Information is provided for both full-time and part-time employees to help you get things like your payroll, benefits, ID, email and more completed, in order to help make your transition to campus easy. To visit the New Employee Help Page click here .