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The Technology HelpDesk is a service of Information Resources and Technology (IRT). To contact the Technology HelpDesk, please call (309) 677-2964 or visit us in the Cullom-Davis Library. See menu items at left or scroll down on this page for more useful technology information.

Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player (1/22/15)

A new update is available for Adobe's Flash Player to fix a zero-day exploit that cybercriminals are using to install botnet and adware. Please update your browser's Flash Player Plugin by going to the Adobe Flash Player Download Center and install the new update.

FBI Payroll Phishing Scam Alert (1/16/15)

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued an alert addressing a spear phishing scam targeting university employees and their payroll accounts. Scam operators use fraudulent e-mails and websites to entice employees to reveal login credentials.

Users are encouraged to review the IC3 Alert for details and refer to Security Tip ST04-014 for information on social engineering and phishing attacks.


Student Aid Processing Phishing Email Alert (1/14/15)

A new phishing email claiming to be from Student Aid Processing is being distributed and reads:

Student Aid Deadline: 2014-15 School Year

Aid that does not have to be repaid is available to you. Grants are need-based and are available to different age groups. Please review your Eligibility packet below:

This is a reminder of the upcoming deadline.
Thank You.
EDU Aid/ Grant Distribution

Please do not click on any enclosed links and delete the email immediately.

New Employee Help Page

Visit the New Employee Help Page for helpful tips about getting started on campus. Information is provided for both full-time and part-time employees to help you get things like your payroll, benefits, ID, email and more completed, in order to help make your transition to campus easy. To visit the New Employee Help Page click here .

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Protect Data On Your Mobile Devices

With the rise in use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, it's becoming increasingly important to take measures to protect the data stored on and accessed from the device. Here are some tips on how to secure your data in the event your device has been lost or stolen.

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