Meal Plan Overview

Students living in the dorms (Williams, Geisert, U-Hall, Harper, Wyckoff, Heitz, Elmwood, Wendle and Lovelace) are required to carry the Full Meal Plan. It is set up automatically and billed with the room and board charges on the student's tuition bill.Two full meal plans will be offered to on campus students costing $1,900 per semester. Students have until January 31, 2014 to change their Meal Plan. The following is breakdown of what each full plan includes:

14 Meals per week Plan
$350 Dining Dollars
$125 QuickCash

9 Meals per week Plan
$775 Dining Dollars
$125 QuickCash

There are also two Off-Campus options available for commuter, part-time, and off campus students as well as faculty and staff. The following is a breakdown for these smaller plans:

3 Meals per week Plan
Cost $500/semester
$200 Dining Dollars
$50 QuickCash

Express Dining Plan
Cost $350/semester
$350 Dining Dollars

If there are Dining Dollars left in your account at the end of a semester, a maximum of $100 Dining Dollars ($50 for Off-Campus meal plans) will be rolled over into Quick Cash. Students who withdraw from the University will not receive the rollover into QuickCash.  Any unused meals per week do not roll over or transfer and will not be refunded.This process is usually completed by the second week in January and June for their respective semesters. For more information please see the FAQ.

Both Dining Dollars and QuickCash accounts are covered by the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act - we can only release account information to the student. If you need balance or spending information, please contact your student.