Business Plan Outline

Cover page

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Company Description

Company History
Mission Statement
Products and Services
Current Status
Legal Status and Ownership
Key Partnerships (if any)

3. Industry Analysis

Industry Size, Growth Rate, and Sales Projections
Industry Structure
Nature of Participants
Key Success Factors
Industry Trends
Long-Term Prospects

4. Market Analysis

Market Segmentation and Target Market Selection
Buyer Behavior
Competitor Analysis

5. Marketing Plan

Overall Marketing Strategy
Product, Price, Promotions, and Distribution

6. Management Team and Company Structure

Management Team
Board of Directors
Board of Advisers
Company Structure

7. Operations Plan

General Approach to Operations
Business Location
Facilities and Equipment

8. Product (or Service) Design and Development Plan

Development Status and Tasks
Challenges and Risks
Intellectual Property

9. Financial Projections

Sources and Uses of Funds Statement
Assumptions Sheet
Pro Forma Income Statements (Monthly for Year 1; Quarterly for Years 2 & 3)
Pro Forma Balance Sheets (Day 1; Year Ending for Years 1 - 3)
Pro Forma Cash Flows (Monthly for Year 1; Quarterly for Years 2 & 3)

Sample Business Plan (Golf Globe)