Bradley Works 2012

The Word In Our Hands


The world in our hands

Professors learn and lecture internationally as Fulbright Scholars, then bring new perspectives to their Bradley classrooms.


Engaging Entrepreneurs


Engaging entrepreneurs

Bradley’s undergraduate entrepreneurship program, ranked 20th in the country, offers guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs on campus and in the community.


Global Learning In Our Backyard


Global learning in our backyard

Civil engineering and construction students gain global perspectives with international conferences and study abroad programs.


Today's Interns, Tomorrow's Leaders


Today's interns, tomorrow's leaders

Internships in the U.S. and overseas are a defining element in a Bradley education.


A 'Superbug' Approach To Antibiotics


A 'superbug' approach to antibiotics

Dr. Brad Andersh and Dr. Keith Johnson hope their research will lead to a new generation of antibiotics.


Mending Knees With Palms


Mending knees with Palms

Dr. Steve Tippett studies the use of PDAs to track patients’ recovery after double-knee replacement.


A State Of Inequality


A state of inequality

Dr. Emily Gill discusses the balance between religious beliefs and civil rights.