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Business Management and Administration

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Leader coach Dr. Charles Stoner and his son Dr. Jason S. Stoner ’99 MBA ’02 co-authored this book, which guides emerging leaders to become respected difference-makers. The inspiration for the book came from a leadership workshop Dr. Stoner has run at Bradley for the past 10 years.

Dr. Stoner enlisted the help of his son, an assistant professor of management at Ohio University, because the target audience for the book is emerging leaders in their 20s and 30s. The book also is helpful for people who accept leadership positions later in their careers.

The book offers tools for developing leadership skills, handling problematic issues and dealing with issues such as interpersonal dynamics and relationships, organizational politics and creativity, and innovation. It includes real situations and offers pragmatic, action-oriented advice.

Dr. Stoner has been on the Bradley faculty for 32 years and has been a consultant with various private industries for 25 years.

Weinzimmer, L. G., & McConoughey, J. (2012). The wisdom of failure: How to learn the tough leadership lessons without paying the price. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Lessons in Leadership

Dr. Laurence G. Weinzimmer ’83 MBA ’85, Caterpillar professor of management, & McConoughey, J. (2012). The wisdom of failure: How to learn the tough leadership lessons without paying the price. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Philosopher George Santayana is credited for saying that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. In today’s culture, which urges people and corporations to put their best feet forward, past mistakes and failures are often swept under the rug. But without examining these unsuccessful, sometimes bitter topics, it’s impossible to grow from them.

In Dr. Weinzimmer’s latest book, The wisdom of failure: How to learn the tough leadership lessons without paying the price, he and his co-author, Jim McConoughey, show readers the unvarnished truths they need in order to become successful leaders.

“What we found was great leaders only make ‘original’ mistakes — that is, they don’t repeat the same mistake twice,” Dr. Weinzimmer says.

Based on a seven-year study surveying nearly 1,000 managers from 21 different industries, Dr. Weinzimmer’s lessons on failure are rooted in research. The text includes material from small startup companies to large businesses like Caterpillar Inc. and Allstate Corp., and it provides readers with concrete examples of how not to lead.

“We should learn from the mistakes of others in order to proactively avoid the predictable pitfalls that await every leader,” Dr. Weinzimmer says.

He helps readers avoid the biggest mistakes by organizing the book into three sections, each of which addresses a different workplace problem. This first section covers strategic errors that result in the misuse of company resources. Part two addresses relationship dynamics in the office that lead to negative results, and the third section examines how personality issues get in the way of productive businesses. Through this text, Weinzimmer challenges readers to examine “the dark side of failure” in business in order to rise above it.

“Having worked with hundreds of emerging companies, I have seen failure in all flavors,” says reviewer Larry Weber, chairman and CEO of marketing company W2 Group. “Finally we have, in one well-written book, the lessons learned from such experiences. The wisdom of failure is an instant business classic destined for the tablets and shelves of our innovation economy’s leaders.”

The wisdom of failure debuted last October as No. 3 on the Wall Street Journal list of best-selling business books and appeared as No. 1 on the Barnes and Noble “Top 100 Best Seller List.” Dr. Weinzimmer has authored four books and more than 100 articles, and has been featured in several leading business magazines, including Fortune, Executive Excellence, Entrepreneur and Investor’s Business Daily.

Online extra

Watch a webinar led by Dr. Larry Weinzimmer in which he discusses his book, The wisdom of failure: How to learn the tough leadership lessons without paying the price. The webinar looks at the failure paradox, in which leaders learn their most important lessons from failure rather than success.

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Civil Engineering and Construction

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A history lesson wrapped within an exciting fantasy adventure, Jan Frazier’s Pilgrims, Indians, Shakespeare, oh my! The time travelers’ saga will entertain young readers. On a mission with her friend Smitty, a spirit from another world, to Plymouth Rock in 1620, J.C. Van Winkler finds this mission has more in store than she could have imagined.

In a whirlwind of events, J.C. finds herself traveling with Pilgrim and Native American children to a variety of locations and times in history to free famous characters from a malevolent curse. It’s a novel of fun, adventure, history and fantasy.

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Engineering Physics

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Computer simulations have become a vital way to research, model, understand and predict nanoscale phenomena.

Dr. Driscoll’s text, Computational nanoscience: Applications for molecules, clusters, and solids, gives readers the key to develop their own codes for computer simulations and physical systems. Geared toward graduate students, the book explains advanced algorithms and provides practical ways for readers to apply concepts.

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Family and Consumer Sciences

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Finance and Quantitative Methods

Webster, A. (2012). Introductory regression analysis: With computer applications for business and economics. New York, NY: Routledge.

If you’d like to predict sales for your company, it’s important to be able to use data to see how various factors will influence future revenue.

In Dr. Allen Webster’s latest text, he shows readers how to understand and use the concept of regression analysis in order to solve a large range of real-world business problems like this one.

Furthermore, his book breaks down the daunting process of statistical analysis into logical steps and gives the reader the tools needed to interpret statistics software. This multilayered, pragmatic book is perfect for students who wish to truly understand regression analysis and its application in business.

Foreign Languages

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Graduate School

Dr. Jeffrey Bakken, dean of the Graduate School and Sponsored Research, is the author of numerous books, book chapters and journal articles. His area of expertise is special education, and he has been a member of research teams that have received more than $1 million in extramural funding. Dr. Bakken’s three books published in 2012 focus on methods of effectively educating a wide spectrum of students.

Bakken, J. P. (2012). Response to intervention in the core content areas: A practical approach for educators. Waco, TX: Prufrock Press.

The key to educating students effectively has been sought throughout time. United with other educational experts, Dr. Jeffrey Bakken explores how to best teach groups of students using the Response to Intervention method. The text describes the RtI multi-tier system, which enhances learning by catering to students’ academic and social behavior levels. With concrete examples of how to implement this innovative system, Response to intervention in the core content areas: A practical approach for educators gives readers the means to teach diverse subject matters — reading, writing, math, science and social studies — efficiently to a considerable spectrum of students.

Bakken, J. P., Obiakor, F. E., & Rotatori, A. F. (2012). Advances in special education: Behavioral disorders: Current perspectives and issues: Identification, assessment, and instruction of students with EBD (Vol. 22). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Many myths surround emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). Several ideas about EBD are debunked in Advances in special education: Behavioral disorders: Current perspectives and issues: Identification, assessment, and instruction of students with EBD (Vol. 22). This text outlines legal issues, themes and other aspects related to the historical development of EBD and analyzes the current EBD conventional norms in education.  

Bakken, J. P., Obiakor, F. E., & Rotatori, A. F. (2012). Advances in special education: Behavioral disorders: Practice concerns and students with EBD (Vol. 23) Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

It is often difficult to know how to handle EBD in the classroom. In Advances in special education: Behavioral disorders: Practice concerns and students with EBD (Vol. 23), educational specialists make a convincing case for why students with EBD should be included in general education courses. The text offers research-based ways for teachers to generate this inclusive environment in the classroom and gives readers comprehensive, current information on EBD.

Brigham, F. J., Bakken, J.P., & Rotatori, A. F. (2012). Families and students with EBD. Advances in special education: Behavioral disorders: Practice concerns and students with EBD (Volume 23, pp. 207–231). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

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Interactive Media

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Leadership in Education, Human Services and Counseling

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Diving into the heart of national controversy, Dr. Emily Gill makes a case for same-sex marriage. Her book examines the relationship between religious, sexual and civic freedoms surrounding same-sex marriage. She distinguishes between marriage as a religious ceremony and marriage as a civic institution.

Through this civic lens, Dr. Gill argues that a citizen has a right to be wed, despite the popularity or conventionality of the union, just as a citizen has the right to practice a religion, despite its popularity or conventionality. The exclusion of some couples from a state institution, according to Dr. Gill, is a public expression of civic inequality.

“[This] brilliant and sane book reminds us that the religion clauses of the First Amendment were the most radical and profound contribution of our founders to understanding and giving effect to the enduring values of our political liberalism,” says David A. J. Richards, law professor at New York University. “This book is a major contribution both to liberal political theory and constitutional law, and shows how the contemporary struggle for gay rights, including marriage equality, is at the very heart of the birthright of all Americans, our democratic constitutionalism, protecting, as it does, the basic human rights of all Americans.”

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In Dr. Claire Etaugh’s new text, Women’s lives: A psychological exploration, she draws on the lives of a rich range of women in order to educate readers on the issues and experiences facing females.

This book integrates material about women from all walks of life. They differ in age, ethnicity, social class, nationality, sexual orientation and capability. Through their experiences and the struggles the women overcome, readers will better understand the diversity that surrounds the identity of women.

This edition of Women’s lives reflects current social and scientific developments; it includes more than 2,100 new references. Moreover, the text’s conversational tone and innovative structure make it easy to read. The book approaches gender issues on a chronological basis, and its comprehensive chapters offer pragmatic solutions to problems.

The authors challenge readers to engage and think critically through various exercises and activities. This text is especially useful for those who wish to do their part in promoting a more egalitarian society.

Dr. Etaugh has authored more than 100 articles and four books on issues such as gender roles, developmental psychology, the psychology of women and child development.

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Technology is more important now than ever, with children using it more deftly than most adults. In History/social studies education in the digital and standards-based classroom, Dr. D. Antonio Cantu examines ways to teach secondary history and social studies through the integration of primary and secondary documents in a digital classroom environment.

He also looks at how this can be applied within the broader context of the many disciplines that make up social studies, including anthropology, civics/government, economics, geography, psychology and sociology. Combining both print and digital resources will make the learning of these imperative subjects more relevant and more accessible to middle school and high school students.

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Virtually everyone has goals in life, but your ability to achieve these goals hinges on an important idea: your belief in your own capability to succeed. This concept of self-efficacy plays a large role in current theories on human motivation and accomplishment. In this edited volume, Self-efficacy in school and community settings, Dr. Britner and other researchers explore what factors influence a person’s self-efficacy and how it affects a person’s behavior.

They present research on how self-efficacy impacts performance in various domains including high school mathematics and science, an undergraduate neuroscience research program, cultural intelligence education, computer use, courtroom behavior and the ability to stop smoking.

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Turner Center for Entrepreneurship

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A classic textbook about international marketing, the tenth edition offers a new focus on global entrepreneurship. The book places greater emphasis on the role of an international marketing manager in small and midsized companies. It also discusses issues associated with international marketing in emerging markets. 

In addition to revising dated examples, this edition has a clearer and more practical tone, is shorter and more concise, and aligns with certified global business professional standards. The textbook provides information students can apply directly to their careers.

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