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Building A Better Workplace

Building a Better Workplace

Dr. Jennifer Robin’s new book offers employers insight into creating positive workplace environments.



Contemporary Neuroscience And Addiction

Contemporary Neuroscience and Addiction

Dr. Tim Koeltzow investigates how a predisposition to cocaine use and addiction may be exacerbated by ADHD and bad stress.


The Future Of Regenerative Medicine Is Now

The Future of Regenerative Medicine is Now

Dr. Craig Cady’s extensive work with stem cells is helping pave the way toward advances in treating certain medical conditions. 


Advances In Enhanced Imaging

Advances in Enhanced Imaging

Dr. José Sánchez’s research may allow physicians to detect tumors at earlier stages and target treatments toward specific cancers.


Early Diagnosis Key To ADHD Intervention

Early Diagnosis Key to ADHD Intervention

Dr. Derek Montgomery is working to identify preschoolers with ADHD tendencies, so they can learn to focus and use self-control before having difficulties in school.


Athletes Flip For Motion Analysis

Athletes Flip for Motion Analysis

Assistant Professor Joe Kelly and two students in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program use Dartfish motion analysis software to evaluate a new tire flipping technique.


Bonding Across Disciplines: Business And Engineering

Bonding Across Disciplines: Business and Engineering

Vital, visionary, innovative, and bold — three teams of students and their faculty advisers met the challenges of the inaugural engineering and business convergence projects with aplomb.


Hunting For The Shot

Hunting for the Shot

Photography Assistant Professor Margaret LeJeune found inspiration for her acclaimed portrait series on women hunters.



Researching The Behavioral Effects Of Alcohol Use

Researching the Behavioral Effects of Alcohol Use

Dr. Amy Bacon is studying college students’ drinking habits and the potential for long-term destructive behavior in Bradley’s SEA Lab.


Poetry's Afterlife And The Aesthetic Hereafter

Poetry's Afterlife and the Aesthetic Hereafter

Illinois Poet Laureate Dr. Kevin Stein contemplates whether poetry still holds a place of value in modern society.

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