From the President

Bradley University has a national reputation for providing students with transformative learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom. As a
mid-sized university making an impact in a variety of research arenas, we take immense pride in the spirit of collaboration practiced daily across all academic units. Our dynamic faculty are leaders, mentors, and collaborators, recognized for their excellence in teaching and dedication to student achievement.

In this issue of Bradley Works, we spotlight several of our faculty members’ recent professional pursuits, which speak to the level of scholarship, research, innovation, and creativity that takes place every day on our campus. These are just a sampling of the myriad opportunities for discovery and growth occurring in our five academic colleges and The Graduate School:

  • Foster College of Business: Professionals in our Executive MBA program are gaining vital insights and skills for improving their workplace cultures by learning from a professor who has studied the best practices at a wide range of notable organizations. Her latest book is a guide for employers seeking to build trust and camaraderie within their companies.
  • Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts: A professor in the art department has received worldwide accolades for a unique photography collection of female hunters titled The Modern Day Diana.
  • College of Education and Health Sciences: Students and a professor in Bradley’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program studied angular velocity to determine the safest, most effective techniques for use in the workout regimen known as “tire flipping.” They used video and motion analysis software to complete their work.
  • Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology: A professor of electrical and computer engineering who has survived cancer is researching methods of improving the resolution of ultrasound images to increase doctors’ diagnostic capabilities. 
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Student researchers collaborating with a biology professor on stem cell research recently played a role in two significant contributions to the field of regenerative medicine. Other research from the college you will read about includes a search for ways to identify preschool-age children at risk for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a look into adolescents with ADHD who may be especially vulnerable to substance abuse, and the collaboration between a psychology professor and undergraduate researchers at our new Stress, Emotion, and Alcohol Laboratory.

The Robert and Carolyn Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation — the first of its kind in the nation established as a standalone academic unit — opened in fall 2012 and offers students from all disciplines the tools they need to become tomorrow’s savvy business leaders. 

Students from our business college and our engineering college now work together with faculty mentors on convergence projects to solve real-world problems for diverse clients. In the process, they enhance the depth of their knowledge, hone their leadership skills, and gain experiential opportunities employers value.

Our University prides itself on the intelligent, innovative men and women who propel discovery while instilling a passion for learning in their students. Together, they inspire the world and further Bradley’s commitment to producing the next generation of gifted leaders and entrepreneurs.