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Chicago Art

Perspective by Fisher Stolz, associate professor of art, was selected for a juried exhibition at the Elks National Veterans Memorial in Chicago from May through October 2014.

The marble, bronze and iron sculpture is 2 feet long, 1 foot wide and 2 feet high. The stone came from a block of marble Stolz selected in Carrara, Italy. The iron form was cast at Inferno Art Foundry in Atlanta during a Bradley sculpture trip that exemplifies the off-campus experiential learning that is intrinsic to a Bradley education. The bronze was cast in Bradley’s sculpture studio in Heuser Hall.

Stolz is a former vice president of Chicago Sculpture International and was the director of the exhibition “Sculpture Now: Artwork Along the Lake” in 2012 and 2013. He has taught sculpture at Bradley since 1994.

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A European Awakening

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Filled with a lifetime of tales from her annual trips to Europe, Frazier incorporates her own real-life adventures — and some embellishments — into this work of creative nonfiction.

Centered around Tasha Nelson, a widow who takes a sabbatical from her high school teaching job to “put life together again,” the story follows her journey of discovery through Europe, where she develops new friendships and a fresh perspective on life.

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A Frightfully Suspenseful Tale

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Set in the quintessential Midwestern town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Jacobs’ novel tells the story of Jeff and Sharon Nichols, a newlywed couple who relocate to the seemingly mundane area for Jeff’s new job at a local university. Shortly after, a series of brutal murders rocks the community, and Jeff soon realizes the horrifying truth behind them. Jacobs’ friend and famed author Ray Bradbury said of the tale, “You scared me a couple times. Bravo!”

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Presented at the Smart Digital Futures 2014 international conference, this book is an entry in the Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications series. It covers intelligent decision technologies, intelligent interactive multimedia systems and services, and smart technology-based education and training areas. Selected from a much larger number of papers after a comprehensive peer review, the featured proceedings help further the goal of KES International (UK) to facilitate “the dissemination, transfer, sharing and brokerage of knowledge in a number of leading-edge technologies.”

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A Guide to College Success

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Written for individual users and courses that help students succeed in college, this text uses a human resource development approach to help individuals take charge of and excel in their educations, extracurricular activities and careers. Highlighting topics ranging from fitness and wellness to communication skills and networking, it provides access to MyStudentSuccessLab, a learning outcomes-based technology that includes videos, personality inventories, supplemental practice and more.

An instructor’s resource manual also is available.

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The Graduate School

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Complexities of Special Education

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While the classification “gifted” is included under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, these students generally do not receive the services and support afforded to their counterparts at the other end of the intellectual spectrum. In Volume 26, Gifted education: Current perspectives and issues, the authors provide a comprehensive look at the field, offering educators a foundation for working with individuals who are gifted.

The two volumes of Special education international perspectives address special education around the world. Biopsychosocial, cultural and disability aspects (Vol. 27) focuses on the theme of biopsychosocial approaches to disability as well as diversity and disability before examining five main high-incidence exceptionalities. In Practices across the globe (Vol. 28), discussions on special education in North and Central America, Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East, South Asia and Australasia cover topics ranging from origins and prevalence rates to legislative trends and teacher preparation.

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This collection of personal narratives shares the significant events that inspired each author’s advocacy for multiculturalism. Highlighting moments when the authors opted to break with tradition in favor of a more inclusive approach, the text points out how teachers can engage with and positively impact the lives of multicultural students.

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Described by the American Historical Association as a “must-read for all history students,” this concise guide to writing history papers serves as a helpful introductory resource for undergraduate students majoring in the subject. Providing the background information necessary to understand the “hows” of college history assignments, Brown explains the technical details required throughout the entire writing process — from research and writing to documenting sources.

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Said to be a “pioneering collection of essays [that] will help shape a new field of historical research for Latin Americanists,” this text from Drs. Pierce and Toxqui provides insight into the forces behind alcohol’s ability to both bring people together and pull them apart. Highlighting six locations in Latin America — from Mexico to Chile — the authors rely on anthropology, archaeology, art history, ethnohistory, history and literature to demonstrate how alcohol use has affected race, class, gender and state-building.

A Pioneer for Social Reform

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Betsy Mix Cowles, known as a staunch abolitionist and supporter of women’s rights in the pre-Civil War era, demonstrated what independent women can achieve with education and drive. Heavily focusing on her efforts for social reform, this entry in the Lives of American women series offers a compelling, brief biography of Cowles’ life.

Designed for use in undergraduate courses, the text also includes primary sources, study questions and an annotated bibliography to aid learners.

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Building on recent advances in neurobiology and neurocounseling, the book’s authors examine the significance of the human brain’s lifelong ability to rewire itself through new tasks and challenges, emphasizing the importance of neurofeedback in the organ’s regulation. Drs. Chapin and Russell-Chapin also provide guidance on alternative interventions when counseling and medication aren’t effective.

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Designed to help students succeed in math courses of varying levels, Sterling’s three new entries in the For dummies series offer plain-English explanations and extensive practice problems to build solid mathematical foundations.

The Algebra II workbook begins with a review of Algebra I skills before advancing to quadratic equations, logarithmic functions, graphing and special sequences. 1,001 Pre-calculus practice problems is a valuable study aid that moves from easy to advanced problems, furnishing detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions. A free companion website helps users track their progress and pinpoint areas for improvement. Highlighted by an explanation of basic concepts and straightforward examples, Sterling’s Trigonometry guide also demonstrates the value of the subject through a variety of real-world career examples.

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