From the President

Bradley University takes great pride in its vibrant faculty members who are highly engaged in research, scholarship and creative activity. Devoted to increasing knowledge in their respective fields through inquiry, collaboration, experimentation and discovery, Bradley faculty represent a wide array of academic disciplines.

In this edition of Bradley Works, we spotlight eight members of our exceptional faculty whose teaching and research uphold the high academic standards and global awareness that are the hallmarks of the Bradley Experience.

From aligning immigration patterns with Newton’s gravity model, to ergonomics engineering in dentistry, to neuromarketing research on types of food, and more, I am confident that you will be impressed with their endeavors.

  • Sir Isaac Newton’s gravitational model provides the basis for Dr. Joshua Lewer’s research into international trade and immigration. By using the gravity model to explain aspects of global commerce, Lewer, the McCord professor of executive management development, has reached novel conclusions on what makes certain countries more attractive to immigrants — and which aspects of life in their homelands might compel them to leave. 
  • Dr. Regina Pope-Ford’s doctoral dissertation on ergonomics in dentistry inspired the engineering assistant professor’s current research on musculoskeletal disorders among dentists. Using a motion-tracking system and electromyography, she studied muscle use and strain as dentists completed common procedures. Pope-Ford hopes her efforts will ultimately lead to modifications in both dental equipment and the work habits of those in the profession.
  • Neuromarketing research conducted by Dr. Kara Wolfe and Dr. David Olds with assistance from Bradley’s Center for Collaborative Brain Research provides food for thought on the way our brains are hardwired to respond to familiar and unfamiliar fare. Wolfe, the C.C. Wheeler endowed professor in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and director of Bradley’s Hospitality Leadership program, and Olds, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences, believe the study holds potential for aiding health educators and restaurant marketing executives in promoting healthy food options.
  • Dr. Dan Getz and Dr. Jason Zaborowski are conducting research on ascetic practices in East Asia and the Middle East, respectively. Getz, associate professor and chair of the philosophy and religious studies department, embarked on site visits to China last summer to further his research on Buddhist monasticism, while Zaborowski, associate professor of religious studies, visited Egypt to continue his research on Christian monasticism. They are developing joint plans to offer Bradley students unique opportunities to study monasticism comparatively.
  • Dr. Olatunji Dare is a journalism professor whose research, enhanced by his experiences as an international news correspondent, examines the function the media plays in developing countries’ democratization efforts. 
  • Focusing on radio communication in wildland firefighting, Dr. Elena Gabor, assistant professor of organizational communication, is working to improve training in radio communication practices and message design.

This research highlights the versatility and variety of Bradley’s talented and dedicated faculty. Committed to making a lasting, positive impact on the global community, they are key influencers of the next generation of researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Warm regards,
Joanne Glasser