A need to lead

When Lydia Moss Bradley, a visionary leader in business and philanthropy, founded Bradley in 1897, she sought to create an institution where students would learn to become productive members of society. The school she envisioned would “teach its students the means of living independent, industrious, and useful lives.” Education, according to Mrs. Bradley, was not solely for white men, but should be available equally for women, African-Americans, and other underserved groups. Today, her legacy of leadership and service lives on throughout campus and across the globe.

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Educating leaders of tomorrow

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Doing right by our students

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Building Leaders

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Leadership: A student view

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Sage advice from alumni

The Department of Leadership in Education, Human Services, and Counseling prepares students for many possible career paths in which they can utilize their leadership skills.

Guided by Bradley student leadership program, students raised more than $192,000 for charity last year and performed 47,000 hours of community service.

The Executive Development Center offers interactive workshops, one-on-one executive coaching sessions, and other programs.

One ambitious student leader traveled to Washington, D.C., to interview three alumni who have represented central Illinois in Congress for more than five decades.

From leading the New York City Fire Department after 9/11, to sharing expertise on minority advertising, Bradley alumni have held leadership positions all over the world.