People & Events

Chicago  More than 80 alumni and friends participated in the Chicago Area Golf Outing, hosted by Bradley Trustee PHIL WILMINGTON ’79 on June 27 at the Royal Fox Country Club. Pictured are, from left, WAYNE KLASING ’64, STEVE STARK ’78, STEVE LEVIN ’77, and JUDSON MITCHELL ’66.


Peoria  About 100 freshmen and parents mingled with President Joanne Glasser during the Move-In Day open house for legacy families on August 20 at the Garrett Cultural Center. Pictured with President Glasser are RICH SPILKY ’87 MBA ’90, BETH FJELLAND SPILKY ’87, and their sons Jared, left, and ERIC SPILKY ’14.  


Peoria  More than 100 alumni and friends attended CIBAC’s annual Bratfest on August 12 at Jimmy’s Bar. Pictured, from left, are RICK GOLDHAMMER ’85 MBA ’93, SUSAN GLASS GOLDHAMMER ’85, KELLY DRISCOLL ’85, BUAA President SHELLY HEIDEN ’85, and PENNY NOWLIN COLLIER ’86


San Diego  Joan and LARRY HIMMEL ’68 MA ’69 joined President Joanne Glasser and other alumni for an evening at Asti Ristorante on August 26.    


Los Angeles Athletic Club  President Glasser visited with about 60 alumni and friends at the Los Angeles Country Club on August 27, including from left, SCOTT RACINE ’72, CHET WALKER ’62, EARL FELDHORN ’60, and GREG DIETE ’61.  


San Francisco  Darlene and GEORGE SHAHEEN ’66 MBA ’68, left, hosted President Glasser, HELEN CZACHORSKI KASLEY ’73 MBA ’78, WILLIAM KASLEY ’73, and 45 alumni and friends at the Menlo Country Club on August 28.


St. Louis Nearly 50 alumni, students, and their families attended the 22nd annual picnic and new student sendoff on August 7 at Stacey Park. Pictured, from left, are ZACK DALIN ’12, LORI WINTERS ’80, ALYSSA SHKYEN ’11, and MELANIE GUNN ’11.


Chicago The Bradley University Communication Alumni Network (BU-CAN) gathered with Chicago communications alumni on June 24 at the Phoenix Group in Chicago to network and hear a department update from chairperson Dr. Paul Gullifor. Pictured at the event sponsored by Starcom Mediavest Group are, from left, CARLYN VADNAIS ’10, HEIDI HOFFMAN ’10, Linda Brozyna, and MARTYNA DWORSKI ’12.