Global Outreach

By reaching out across the globe, these four members of the Bradley family are accomplishing much more than merely serving their fellow men and women. Dr. LISA NATHAN ’98, PATTYE SNYDER, MA ’82, MARTHA FRANQUEMONT ’09, and Dr. John Jost are helping the people of Rwanda, Tanzania, Mali, and Haiti help themselves. In sharing their knowledge in their respective fields, from saving lives to making music, they are Bradley’s ambassadors of hope.


Above: Dr. LISA NATHAN ’98 (right) and her project coordinator and translator (left) teach the birthing center nurses. Although Rwandan physicians and nurses speak French, most patients speak Kinyarwanda, the native language. She has learned key words in Kinyarwanda in order to treat patients, but the language is difficult. Nathan is relearning French, the language she studied in elementary school.

Lisa Nathan

Dr. Lisa Nathan '98


Pattye Snyder

Pattye Snyder, MA '82


Martha Franquemont

Martha Franquemont '09


John Jost

Dr. John Jost


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