President's Prelude

What a pleasant surprise it was to receive your letters and emails in response to a Valentine card I had sent to more than 4,000 couples whose campus romances culminated in marriage. Perhaps you have warm memories of Bradley bringing you together? These alumni shared a few of those priceless moments with me:

From Arizona, HOWARD (BUZZ) TROUPA ’51 wrote, “’Twas at Bradley where EDNA MAE (MOORE ’52) and I met. She winked, and I responded. We have been married 58 years — four daughters and 12 grandchildren.”

From New York, MIKE ROSE ’71 MA ’74 and SUZIE BECKER ROSE ’73 MA ’76 wrote, “The pretty picture of the Bradley quad brought back memories of walking along those very sidewalks, watching and playing Frisbee, and going past Westlake Hall to the Library to study, of course! We think of Bradley quite often — how, as psychology majors, we met on the porch of Comstock Hall, the good times we had, the great professors, the good friends.”

From Illinois, LEANNE BUCKERIDGE STRUSS ’71 wrote, “AL (STRUSS ’69) and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary this August, thanks to Bradley and an errant bat. Yes, I was hit in the head with a bat while playing ball at a picnic for dorm residents! Al was one of the people who rushed me to the hospital where I received 11 stitches in my head. The rest is history.”

Lastly, from Ohio, MALENA SASSCER MUDSE ’97 wrote, “JOSH (MUDSE ’97) and I met at the beginning of our freshman year and were married the November after graduation. Thank you for making us remember the beginning. It has been 18 years, and sometimes life can get in the way and help us forget those moments that started a lifetime.”

In the midst of our construction progress, we also continue to remember the beginning. We are especially mindful of maintaining the architectural integrity of Westlake Hall during its LEED Gold certification expansion and renovation process. This issue of Bradley Hilltopics celebrates its recent “topping,” and also recalls Haussler Hall’s place in our history before it was razed in May to make way for the Alumni Quad. And not to be overlooked, we have recognized the historic value of Bradley Hall’s four original gargoyles. Although only two survived the 1963 fire and remain perched on the front of the Bradley Hall tower, we commissioned four hand-carved gargoyles to grace each corner of the Hayden-Clark Alumni Center tower adjacent to Bradley Hall. They will welcome visitors from the west, just as our original gargoyles have done from the east for 114 years. 

Historically speaking, I can’t help but think of our loyal supporters who have followed our legendary basketball program through the decades. Please help me welcome Coach Geno Ford and his family to our Bradley family and read about Geno’s first impressions of coaching on the Hilltop. I look forward to having our alumni and fans meet him and cheer the Braves next season.

President Joanne Glasser joined her fellow Team Bradley survivors at Peoria’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on May 7. With more than 230 members, the 2011 team was the largest contingent in the Peoria race for the third consecutive year.

Your alma mater made national news on March 26, when Susan G. Komen for the Cure recognized Bradley University with the 2010 Outstanding Volunteer Group award (shown at right). Our university was selected from among hundreds of groups worldwide and was honored at the organization’s international leadership conference in Fort Worth. As one of many breast cancer survivors on campus, I continue to be touched by your outpouring of support to find a cure.

Thank you for staying connected with Bradley and for all that you do for our beloved institution. I invite you to visit us this summer to see the great progress we are making on the Hilltop.