Alumni Profiles

Fifty Years Of Giving Back

Fifty years of giving back

RUTH SCHLATTER MARTIN ’39 began donating to Bradley in the early ’60s, and she hasn’t stopped.

From Glory Land To Guatemala

From glory land to Guatemala

Father WILLIAM DONNELLY ’55 thought he would become a commercial artist. Instead, he was a priest in Guatemala for decades.

Senior VP At The Citadel

Senior VP at The Citadel

THOMAS ELZEY ’75 was named executive vice president for finance, administration, and operations for The Citadel.

Sister Authors

Sister authors

MARY O’DONOHUE ’82 and her sister CLARE O’DONOHUE ’86 have quite a bit in common, including authoring books.

Sports Psychologist

Sports psychologist

BRENT WALKER ’94 was elected scientific program division head for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Teaching In The Middle East

Teaching in the Middle East

MARTY WEIS ’08 is using his special education degree while working with children with disabilities in Tafila, Jordan.