Photography Guidelines

Guidelines for photo file format and quality

Only the JPEG/JPG image format is accepted for online submission. If you have an image in other formats (BMP, TIF, etc.), please convert it into the accepted format.

Limit file names to 10 characters. We are unable to receive photos with file names containing more than 10 characters.

For photos to be printed in Bradley Hilltopics they must be high resolution. The minimum recommended size is 5 x 7 inches, at a resolution of 300 dpi. Example: (5 x 300 dpi) x (7 x 300 dpi) = 1,500 x 2,100 = 3,150,000 or about 3.2 megapixels.


Set your camera at the highest resolution possible when taking the photo (300 dpi, "large," or "fine").

ClassNotes and wedding photos are best viewed when the subject fills the lens; avoid taking photos of the subject viewed at a distance.

Keep your background and foreground uncluttered. Watch for things like dirty dishes/alcohol on tables and foliage that looks like it is growing out of heads.

Be sure the photo is in focus.

Photos placed in Microsoft Word documents, PDFs or downloaded from Flickr, Twitter, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Facebook, or cell phones are not print quality.

Uploading Instructions

Click the [Browse] button to select the photo on your computer that you wish to upload.

Your photo will be uploaded when you submit your note.

The size of your photo and the speed of your Internet connection will determine how quickly your photo will be uploaded.  (Note: Internet Explorer versions prior to 4.x do not support file uploads.)

Classnotes photo policy: Bradley Hilltopics publishes only the photos of Bradley alumni in Classnotes. For wedding photos, however, our policy is to publish both the bride and groom, even if only one is an alumnus.  Group wedding shots will not be accepted.

The photo will be cropped to a head and shoulders “portrait” format.

Bradley Hilltopics reserves the right to make the final selection of all photography based upon available space, subject matter, and photo quality.