People & Events

New York  More than 60 alumni and friends attended a reception on November 17 at the Tribeca Grill. Pictured with President Joanne Glasser, from left, are DAN O’MALLEY ’71, Dr. RICK KAY ’70, JOAN LaVETTER  KAY ’71, and PETER BAZELI ’98.    

Chicago  About 300 alumni and fans gathered on November 25 at the Sears Centre Arena to watch the Braves take on the Wisconsin Badgers. From left are ANDREI JUNGE ’92, BRETT DOSTAL ’93, RICH PILLMAN ’94, and ED CABRAL ’93.    

Peoria  The Bradley band and cheerleaders brought KAL PAAR ’68, Jerry and Karen McKnight, Howard Hartke ’55, and more than 350 alumni and fans to their feet during the Alumni Weekend pregame party at the Peoria Civic Center on January 21.    

Washington, D.C.  More than 50 alumni and friends gathered on December 15 at Tonic Restaurant prior to the Bradley vs. George Washington men’s basketball game. Pictured with President Glasser, from left, are CAL COOLIDGE ’74, his daughter Sarah, and ANDREW HEATON ’82.    

Chicago  About 20 alumni and friends joined head golf coaches Mary Moan and Jeff Roche and the Bradley golf teams at Golf Nation in Palatine, owned by BOB DiMEO ’83, for a winter golf tune-up on February 11. From left are Coach Roche, JILL ROGGEVEEN ’03, Ronni Graf, LISA HINKLEY ’00, TIM POLZIN ’00, and ZACHARY MATYJA ’02.    

Wyoming  AARON WOOD ’08, a grad student at the University of Wyoming, cheers on the Braves when Bradley played Wyoming in Laramie on December 3.    

Peoria  More than 100 alumni and students attended the first Rising Star and Bradley Ambassador Networking Reception in the Shaheen Hall of Pride on January 20. This year marks the first graduating class of Rising Stars — Outstanding First Year Student Award recipients. From left are MICHELLE NOE ’98, SYDNEY SCHNEIDER ’14, CASSANDRA HARVILL ’14, and JULIE TURNER HARVILL ’85. BUAA vice president BRIAN MILLER ’79 and president SHELLY HEIDEN ’85 look on from the stairs.