Alumni Profiles

Alumni Center Showcase: 1940s

Alumni Center showcase: 1940s

The Hayden-Clark Alumni Center highlights decades from the 1940s to present day.

Homecoming Image Sparks Memory

Homecoming Image Sparks Memory

BILL SEELYE ’54 was pleased to find an image he designed more than 50 years ago on a Homecoming 2011 flier.

Digital Art Pioneer

Digital art pioneer

BONNY PIERCE LHOTKA ’64 has made a name for herself in the digital art world.

One Classnote Reunites Dozens Of Friends

One Classnote reunites dozens of friends

A picture in the Summer 2010 issue of Bradley Hilltopics sparked a Las Vegas reunion.

Alcatraz Accomplishment


Alcatraz accomplishment

LEE BOEKE BURKE ’72 raised $16,000 swimming across San Francisco Bay.

Criminal Mind

Criminal mind

CINDY BERGSTRAND SAMPLE ’71 published her second book, Dying for a Dance.

Revolutionary Honor

Revolutionary honor

MARY ANN MIDDLETON, MS ’72 is a DAR vice president general.

Keeping New York On The Move

Keeping New York on the move

NURIA WHITE FERNANDEZ ’82 is now the chief operating officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Piece Of Cake

Piece of cake

SHAUNA SEVER ’00 published her first cookbook, Marshmallow Madness.