Cooking up a challenge

Bradley dietetic interns showed off their innovation skills at Caterpillar during their food service rotation in October. SARAH SMITH ’12 conceived an idea to compete with the Eurest Dining Services chefs at the Mossville plant by hosting a cooking event, Healthy vs. Hearty, as a way to promote a healthy menu. 

“The most important part of this event is that it was developed by the students and was entirely student run,” explained Amanda Newell, director of the dietetics internship. “Sarah Smith thought it would be fun to do chefs versus dietetic interns.” 

“Initially the assignment was for all five food service interns to plan and create a meal at the Whole+sum station, which is CAT’s healthy food option,” Smith said. The competition evolved when the interns realized the popular “Chef’s table” would be next to theirs in Caterpillar’s cafeteria. 

Dietetic intern SARAH SMITH ’12 serves a healthy dish as part of the Healthy vs. Hearty challenge at the Mossville Caterpillar plant. Only 10 interns are accepted into the program each year.

The interns cooked a menu of healthy foods and provided the nutritional information for each dish. They served turkey chorizo chili, quinoa, oven-baked sweet potatoes, chayote squash, and a fall salad of jicama, apples, pears, and almonds. The Eurest chefs offered rib tips, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Healthy food ultimately proved victorious, as the interns served 58 employees, while the Eurest chefs served 51. 

“We achieved all of our goals,” Smith said. “We created a healthy meal from start to finish, provided nutritional information, and learned how to promote an event.”

The dietetic internship program, now in its second year at Bradley, emphasizes wellness for the university, community, and corporations. Completing the program permits students to take the exam to become registered dietitians and earns them a graduate certificate.

— Margo Basso ‘13

Not your typical Shakespeare festival 

In February, Bradley’s theatre department is collaborating with Western Illinois University and Loyola University to present a unique festival celebrating the works of William Shakespeare. 

The festival is called 3U Shak3 F3st for the trio of universities teaming up for a “theater exchange,” with each producing one Shakespeare play to perform at all three campuses on successive weekends. Loyola will present Measure for Measure; WIU will present Henry VI; and Bradley will present The Tempest

The cast of The Tempest is traveling to London for two weeks for January Interim as part of a Shakespeare intensive course to enhance their preparation. The trip includes visits to Shakespearean landmarks, daily rehearsals, and a two-day workshop at the Globe Theatre. 

Visit for ticket information.

George Brown, chairman of the department and director of The Tempest, has great hopes for the Shakespearean influence on campus. “There’s a universality to Shakespeare, that even though it is more than 400 years old, it still speaks to us today. I’m hoping the passion for Shakespeare will become infectious in the community,” Brown said. 

Brown is collaborating with Scott Cavanah of the interactive media department to enhance the production of The Tempest. Together, they have identified moments in the script that are truly “metatheatrical,” going beyond the usual scope of stage productions, and through the use of digital media, will razzle dazzle the audience. 

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, a parody involving three actors, opens the festival at Bradley on February 23. Directed by ERIC ZUBER ’09, the parody also runs from February 29–March 4. 

Also at Hartmann Center, The Tempest plays on February 24, followed by Loyola’s performance of Measure for Measure on February 25. WIU concludes the festival in Peoria with Henry VI on February 26.

— Margo Basso ’13