Hilltop View



Can’t make it to campus? This updated map shows Bradley’s new facilities on the west side of the 84-acre campus along with other improvements on the Hilltop. Take a self-guided tour, and watch short videos featuring some of the University’s 77 buildings on your smartphone or tablet to help you imagine all the activity and energy on campus. 

Guided tours are available Monday through Friday year-round and on Saturday mornings during the academic year. The next time you return to the Hilltop, schedule a guided tour by calling (800) 447-6460.  

Visit bradley.edu/go/ht-SelfGuidedTour to start your tour of campus. If you would like to print a copy of the updated map, download it here.

As a graduate of our great University, you are in the best position to discuss the extraordinary Bradley Experience with prospective students. Visit the Hilltop with a prospective student and his or her family to showcase our beautiful campus. Your words, your recollections, and your passion for your alma mater will enhance our efforts. To make a reservation for an Admissions Office tour for a prospective student, visit bradley.edu/campusvisits. To refer a student online, go to bualum.org/referastudent. Thank you for your support of Bradley University’s student recruitment efforts.