Some trivia about TAMI LANE ’96

She has dual citizenship in the U.S. and New Zealand.

Lane spent several years living in New Zealand while working on The Lord of the Rings trilogy with Peter Jackson, whose studio is based in Wellington. By acquiring dual citizenship, she could easily split her time between the island country and her home in the United States. It also simplified the process of spending another two years there while serving as prosthetics supervisor for The Hobbit.

She played softball at Woodruff High School, for which she received a scholarship to Bradley.

Lane was a catcher for the Woodruff Warriors’ softball team in high school. Her abilities earned her an athletic scholarship to her hometown university, Bradley, where she played for two years. She lettered twice in the sport (1993-94). However, as reported in Toga Mag, she suffered knee problems that “persist to this day, [so] she gave up her scholarship and changed her focus to art.”

The ring she wore to the 2006 Academy Awards scratched her Oscar statue.

Although Lane shopped for her own evening gown, shoes, and handbag for the event, a costume designer she worked with on The Chronicles of Narnia helped connect her with Beverly Hills-based jeweler Erica Courtney. They loaned her $60,000 worth of jewels for the big night. But, there was a downside to all that glitz, as described in a Peoria Journal Star article: “Carrying around that heavy little guy all evening. … she was so inseparable from her Oscar that her jewelry rubbed off part of the solid-gold coating. ‘The Academy says you can give it back and they’ll re-dip it, which is nice. But I like the scar,’ said Lane, by telephone from Los Angeles.”

She and Howard Berger agreed that only he would give an acceptance speech if they won in 2006.

On more than one occasion, Lane has been asked if she was upset with Berger for using up all the time allotted for their 2006 acceptance speeches. And, each time, she explains that she wasn’t and that they had agreed ahead of time that he would speak. She has been quoted saying, “I was in a state of shock, and I don't even think I could of gotten a sentence out because the lump in my throat was so big. Besides, his speech was so well done. He had been rehearsing it since he was 5. … I was busy looking out into the audience and taking in the view.”

A friend once asked her to do her wedding makeup.

“I warned her,” Lane joked. “I said, ‘Have you seen what I do to people?’ Actually, it was a really nice change of pace. I’ve always said to be a really good makeup artist, you should be well rounded. You should know how to use the blusher and lip gloss as well as sling around some silicone. It was an opportunity to prove to myself that I could to the beauty stuff because I don’t do it very often.” However, the affirmation came at a small price. “She looked great,” Lane recalled. “Then, her sisters came in wanting a touch up. Then, the rest of the bridesmaids and her mom. So, they’re starting the music, and I haven’t even done my makeup! It’s like Halloween: You do eight people’s makeup, and then you’re late to the party. You end up showing up in some lame, stupid vampire makeup because you didn’t have time to do what you wanted.”

She appeared on the first episode of the TV game show Identity.

Identity was a TV game show hosted by Penn Jillette. The NBC production, which aired in 2006 and 2007, asked contestants to match 12 “strangers” to their professions just by looking at them. Lane appeared on the very first episode with the identity of “Academy Award Winner.” The contestant chose another “stranger” for the position. Lane’s true identity was revealed at the end of the show.