Alumni Center showcase: 1980s

Bradley saw changes in the 1980s with an expanded library and renovated Student Center. The University also acquired a nearby church that became Dingeldine Music Center. Venerable Duryea Hall was torn down and replaced by the Heuser Art Center. But it wasn’t just the buildings that changed. Geisert became the first “Residence Hall of the Future” with early desktop computers, and their accompanying floppy disks, in many rooms. Students traded paper registration forms for dial tones when Bradley became the third school in the nation to introduce registration via touch-tone phones. 

Bradley’s swim team was making a splash in the Haussler Hall pool. The men’s basketball team moved its games from Robertson Memorial Field House to the new Peoria Civic Center in 1982 after winning the NIT earlier that year. The team made three NCAA tournament appearances and one other NIT stop in the 1980s. HERSEY HAWKINS ’88 (shown) was the premier Bradley athlete of the decade. A consensus All-American and national player of the year, he was the nation’s leading scorer and a member of the 1988 U.S. Olympic team.