Print vs. electronic 

I am an avid reader of Hilltopics because it is such a great way to keep track of classmates and Bradley news and events. It is always well written and beautifully presented. Hopefully, you can keep the print edition alive. Lots of people have stopped reading the online editions of publications since our inboxes are just stuffed with them. 

Bartonville, Ill.

Hall of famer 

Thanks to the Hilltopics staff for providing the story and link of CHET WALKER ’62 being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Besides being a tremendous athlete, he was a shy and kind gentleman on campus as things were changing in the early 1960s. 

Oregon, Wis.

Photo credits 

What a wonderful article and pictures of the Bradley horology school. I was especially interested because my father, Ashton Garrott, graduated from there. He moved from Kentucky to attend the school in 1920 and remained in Peoria until he died in 1982. He was a successful, respected jeweler, watchmaker, and engraver for more than 50 years. He married and had three children and a grandson who attended Bradley. 

Peoria, Ill.

I have followed Duane Zehr’s photography in the pages of Bradley Hilltopics for many years, but I was especially impressed with the fall issue.

The twilight photo of Westlake Hall on the front cover is really well done. I know full well that you only have about a 10-minute window of time when the exposure of the sky matches that of the interior window light. Plus, adding the element of people in the photo, artfully directed and positioned for realism, makes this shot even more impressive.

No less outstanding is the panoramic photo on the inside front cover. Keep up the good work!

Pekin, Ill.

Hilltopics is great, with excellent photography and stories. The aerial photo is something to save for reference of what Bradley looks like in 2012 with all the new improvements. The story of Westlake Hall was very informative. I didn’t know all of its history. It’s also great to read ClassNotes and see what graduates are doing. 

If not already done, someone should make a narrated video tour of the “new Bradley” to encourage high school students to attend. I was totally blown away by the new facilities, technology, and expanded course offerings. 

Milford, Mich.

In your recent Bradley Hilltopics, I enjoyed the nice aerial photo of the campus. I was in the class of 1970, and there have been untold changes since then. When I was there, the newest building was Olin Hall. What would have been really nice would have been an accompanying outline drawing to match the photo to a nearby list with the building names and primary uses. 

I doubt that I recognized half of the buildings except for the dorms. Is there any chance of identifying the buildings in the future? It would be much more meaningful to us older folks who live at long distances and don’t get back there. 

Albuquerque, N.M.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Visit for a map of campus buildings you can download and print.