Recent Books Authored by Bradley Faculty

Advances in Special Education: Gifted Education: Current Perspectives and Issues (Vol. 26)

Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Students classified as “gifted” generally do not receive the services and support available to those at the other end of the intelligence spectrum. This volume from Dr. Jeffrey P. Bakken, associate provost for research and dean of The Graduate School, and co-editors Drs. Festus E. Obiakor and Anthony F. Rotatori, provides a comprehensive look at the field of gifted education, offering a foundation for working with individuals who are gifted and addressing the educational issues affecting this population of learners. Covering legal issues, assessment, inclusion, effective practices and the impact of giftedness on different populations, the book ends with chapters on postsecondary education and families.

Make College Work for You

Pearson/Prentice Hall

Author Dr. Susan Berry Brill de Ramírez uses a human resource development approach to help students achieve in class, extracurricular activities and careers. Written for individuals and courses that encourage student success, her book challenges students to become self-disciplined learners and helps them develop and practice necessary behavioral skills. With topics ranging from fitness and health to communication skills and networking, the text includes access to MyStudentSuccessLab, a personalized, outcomes-based technology offering videos, personality inventories, supplemental practice and more. A companion instructor’s resource manual also is available.

Individual and Society: Sociological Social Psychology

Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

This undergraduate text for sociological social psychology (SSP) courses, written by Dr. Lizabeth A. Crawford, associate professor of sociology, and Dr. Katherine B. Novak, studies the connection between the three distinct SSP research traditions — social structure and personality, symbolic interactionism and group structure and processes — along with their theoretical frameworks and methodologies. The book gives students a better understanding of the field, shows why particular questions are asked, the types of research involved and how those findings can be applied. Writing in a style students will find interesting and understandable, the authors also provide additional online help, quality support materials and exercises that enhance learning.

Smart Digital Futures 2014

IOS Press

Co-edited by Dr. Vladimir Uskov, professor of computer science and information systems and co-director of the InterLabs Research Institute, along with Drs. Rui Neves-Silva, George A. Tsihrintzis, Robert J. Howlett and Lakhmi C. Jain, this volume contains about 80 peer-reviewed papers presented at the Smart Digital Futures 2014 international conference. Part of the Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications series, the collection covers intelligent interactive multimedia systems and services, intelligent decision technologies and smart technology-based education and training. The book aims to help those involved in the development and application of intelligent digital systems and furthers the goal of KES International (UK) to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of knowledge in leading-edge technologies.

— B.G.