Bradley Hilltopics - Spring 2015

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World Citizen

World Citizen

As a micro-finance specialist, Erica Bustinza ’04 works to improve the economic stability of households and communities.


A Timeless Vocation

A Timeless Vocation

After earning his certification at Bradley’s School of Horology, watchmaker and jeweler Bob Eichhorn ’46 and Mary, his wife of 72 years, have nurtured a thriving family business for nearly 60 years.


Wheels Up: Guarding America

Wheels Up: Guarding America

A rewarding 28-year military career has offered logistician Lt. Col. Edith O’Bryan, MA ’00 countless opportunities to maintain “readiness posture.”



The Voice

The Voice

Kevin Maynor ’76 has performed worldwide in operas and created a nonprofit opera company to honor his heroes.



Of Note

The Voice

Legacy Family: Families Converge in Engineering

The Suri family legacy was planted in 1968.



President's Farewell

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Karen Crowley Metzinger, MA ’97
executive director

Mary Brolley
assistant director

Bob Grimson ’81
assistant director

Sarah Dukes
art director

Duane Zehr
university photographer

Liz Cachey ’15
student staff assistant


Joanne K. Glasser

Susan Andrews
associate vice president for marketing and publications