Recent Books Authored by Bradley Faculty

Season of the Beast Ballot Press Books / In his first published novel, Dr. Bob Jacobs, director of the John C. Hench Production Arts Studio and professor of communication, tells the story of newlywed couple Jeff and Sharon Nichols. Shortly after they relocate from northern California to the seemingly mundane Midwestern town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for Jeff’s new job at a local university, a series of brutal murders rocks the community. While one of his students initially is blamed, Jeff soon realizes the horrifying truth behind the deaths. Jacobs’ friend and famed author Ray Bradbury said of the tale, “You scared me a couple times. Bravo!”

White Voices in Multicultural Psychology, Education and Leadership: Inside the Walls of America’s Higher Education Nova Science Publishers / This collection of personal narratives edited by Dr. Jeffrey P. Bakken, associate provost for research and dean of The Graduate School, and Drs. Festus E. Obiakor and Bob Algozzine shares the significant events that inspired each contributor’s advocacy for multiculturalism. Highlighting moments when the authors broke with tradition in favor of a more inclusive approach, the text points out how teachers can engage with and positively impact the lives of multicultural students. The latest entry in The Silenced Voices in Education Series, the book is intended for use by both students and faculty in higher education.

Algebra II Workbook for Dummies (2nd ed.) John Wiley & Sons Inc. / Designed to build on Algebra I skills, this new edition from Mary Jane Sterling, lecturer emerita of mathematics, provides students with hundreds of practice problems to help master the subject. After reviewing basic algebra topics — quadratic equations, inequalities, radicals and basic graphing — the workbook moves on to more advanced concepts including functions, conics, systems of equations and matrices. It also touches on advanced graphing and special sequences to help prepare students for higher-level math courses such as trigonometry and calculus. To ensure that students understand and retain the material, the book includes answers with complete explanations for all the practice problems.

Creating History Papers American Historical Association / This concise guide to writing history papers by Dr. Bradford C. Brown, associate professor of history, is described by the American Historical Association as a “must-read for all history students.” A helpful introductory resource for undergraduates majoring in the subject, the book provides the background necessary to understand the “hows” of college history assignments. Students will benefit from Brown’s thorough explanations of the technical details required for different stages of the writing process — from research and writing to documenting sources.

— Clara Miles, MA ’05,  contributing editor