Recent Books Authored by Bradley Faculty

Alcohol in Latin America: A Social and Cultural History

University of Arizona Press

Described as “a pioneering collection of essays (that) will help shape a new field of historical research for Latin Americanists,” this text from editors Drs. Gretchen Pierce and associate professor of history Áurea Toxqui provides insight into the forces behind alcohol’s ability to unite and divide people. Set in six sites in Latin America — from Mexico to Chile — the authors rely on anthropology, archaeology, art history, ethnohistory, history and literature to demonstrate how alcohol use has affected race, class, gender and state-building.

Advances In Special Education: Special Education International Perspectives (Vols. 27 and 28)

Emerald Group Publishing Limited

In two parts, Special Education International Perspectives explores common themes in meeting the special needs of students with disabilities across the globe. Edited by Dr. Jeffrey Bakken, associate provost for research and dean of The Graduate School, and Drs. Festus Obiakor, Anthony Rotatori, Umesh Sharma and Sandra Burkhardt, both volumes examine the origins, practices and challenges of special education across countries and areas of exceptionality. Volume 27 focuses on the biopsychosocial, cultural and disability aspects of special education, while Volume 28 features a variety of international perspectives on this area of education.

Born to Travel: A European Odyssey

Hellgate Press

A frequent traveler to Europe, instructor of speech communication Jan Hoyt Frazier ’71 M.A. ’04 drew from her own memories to create the story of Tasha Nelson, who takes a leave of absence from her high school teaching job to “put life together again” after the death of her husband. Believing “travel is the best means of education,” Tasha sets off for Europe with a one-way ticket. The book follows her journey through some of the most famous cities of Europe — London, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice and more — where she develops lasting friendships and gains a fresh perspective on life.

Pre-Calculus: 1,001 Practice Problems for Dummies

Jon Wiley & Sons Inc.

Understanding calculus — the study of change and motion — is a critical component in the study of engineering, science and technology. This book by mathematics lecturer emerita Mary Jane Sterling offers a thorough grounding in the concepts vital to success in calculus and access to more than a thousand opportunities to practice them. The workbook is a valuable study aid that moves from easy to advanced problems, furnishing detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions. A free companion website helps users track progress and pinpoint areas for improvement. 

— M.B.