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1. Hilltopics, February, 1941, Volume 1, Issue 1

Dr. Wales Packard discusses campus life with football captain Marion Asa, named highest ranking male in the senior class.



2. Hilltopics, Winter, 1945, Volume 5, Issue 2

This photo of a dog sitting on the steps of Bradley Hall with the headline, “He’s waiting for you fellows to come back,” captures the mood of a nation at war.



3. Hilltopics, Spring, 1943, Volume 3, Issue 3

Seniors Paula Bruninga, Opal Backes and Ann Dooley (from left) are the top candidates in the Bradley War Bond Queen election. The event raises $131,469 in sales of government bonds and stamps.



4. Hilltopics, Winter, 1945, Volume 6, Issue 1

A conceptual drawing of the proposed Bradley library shows the front entrance leading to the circulation room, the reserve room and to the left, the main reading room.



5. Bradley Hilltopics, Winter, 1946, Volume 7, Issue 2

Students erect the Bradley “B” for Homecoming festivities. Though dropped for many years, the tradition returned during Bradley’s Centennial celebration in 1997 and still continues today.



6. Bradley University Hilltopics, December, 1949, Volume 10, Issue 4

The new A. J. Robertson Memorial Field House, then the largest field house in the state outside of Chicago, busts its capacity of 8,100 by about 200 fans for its first two men’s basketball games.



7. Bradley University Hilltopics, October, 1952, Volume 13, Issue 1

A faculty procession into Robertson Memorial Field House precedes an all-school fall convocation. Enrollment is at 2,770, including 827 freshmen and 81 graduate students.



8. Bradley University Hilltopics, October, 1954, Volume 15, Issue 2

Bradley’s football team thrills a large Homecoming crowd with an 80-yard grid climax.



9. Bradley University Hilltopics, September, 1956, Volume 17, Issue 1

President Dwight D. Eisenhower delivers a nationally televised speech from Bradley’s campus. It is his second visit; the first took place during the 1952 presidential campaign.



10. Hilltopics, April, 1962, Volume 23, Issue 8

Nearly 300 visiting delegates from other colleges and universities process toward the audience of 6,000 for the inauguration of Dr. Talman W. Van Arsdale, Jr., as Bradley’s sixth president, April 2, 1962.



11. Hilltopics, January, 1963, Volume 63, Issue 5

A gutted Bradley Hall, draped in icicles, sets the mood for a story about the iconic landmark, destroyed in a fire Jan. 12, 1963.



12. Hilltopics, January, 1968, Volume 68, Issue 5

“Birds of Prey,” a sculpture designed by Nita Sunderland, associate professor of art, is a commission from the class of 1967. Williams Hall, left, and University Hall, right, grace the background.



13. Hilltopics, November, 1969, Volume 70, Issue 3

Bradley’s speech team, including incoming President Gary R. Roberts ’70, closes out its fifth consecutive victory on the nationally televised “GE College Bowl” program with a win over Johns Hopkins University.



14. Hilltopics, April, 1978, Volume 1, Number 1

Dr. Joan S. Wallace ’52 becomes assistant secretary to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She is the first African-American and the third woman to hold the position.



15. Hilltopics, Summer, 1980, Volume 3, Issue 2

An unprecedented 5,919 alumni donate $350,600 during 1979-80, allowing the University to receive $100,000 in a challenge from the Joyce Foundation. Nearly 200 graduating seniors are among the 2,059 first-time donors.



16. Hilltopics, Winter, 1982

A commemorative issue reflected on the first decade of the Dr. Martin “Jerry” Abegg ’47 HON ’93 presidency. The class of 1947 alumnus speaks to President Gerald R. Ford during a 1976 visit to the Hilltop.



17. Hilltopics, April, 1984

Published briefly in a magazine format before returning to a tabloid edition, this issue of Hilltopics features a student conducting research in the library.



18. Hilltopics, February, 1988

Basketball star Hersey Hawkins ’88 shoots two of his 2,374 career points, making him Bradley’s all-time leading scorer. He eclipsed the record of 2,341 points set in 1982 by Mitchell “J.J.” Anderson ’82.



19. Hilltopics, April, 1991

Featuring artwork by John Holladay, commissioned by the Student Alumni Association, the poster shows a busy quad with the familiar faces of professors, historic campus figures and others.



20. Hilltopics, October, 1992

Erected on Olin Quad in fall, 1992, “Flatlanders” is a sculpture installation featuring 17 clay-faced human forms covered with grass and wearing black sunglasses.



21. Hilltopics, Summer, 1995

Hilltopics evolved from a tabloid published six times a year to a quarterly magazine; this issue features alumni pursuing careers in aviation.



22. Hilltopics, Fall, 1996

Dr. William Hall, professor of political science, reflects on the changes in how we have chosen U.S. presidents over the past 200 years. The cover also announces a $10 million gift made by Henry Pindell Slane.



23. Hilltopics, Spring, 1999, Volume 5, Issue 2

Bradley freshman Matt Savoie places fourth in the men’s U.S Figure Skating Association’s national competition and goes on to the Olympics.



24. Summer, 1999, Volume 5, Issue 3

“Bright Ideas” highlights several Bradley alumni who hold patents on items ranging from tapered roller bearings to optical clocks for supercomputers.



25. Hilltopics, Winter, 2001, Volume 7, Issue 1

David Anderson ’67 M.S. ’71 takes his passion for Africa to create a successful business leading safaris.



26. Hilltopics, Fall, 2003, Volume 9, Issue 4

Dr. Seth Katz, associate professor of English, questions whether our Modernist views help us make sense of the world in “When our thinking changed.”



27. Bradley Hilltopics, Fall, 2004, Volume 10, Issue 4

Guest writer Monica Vest Wheeler delves into entrepreneurship on campus and spotlights alumni who have started their own ventures.



28. Bradley Hilltopics, Fall, 2005, Volume 11, Issue 4

“Milkshakes and study breaks” reflects on popular local restaurants where students enjoy cheese fries, gondolas, burgers, pizza, tacos and strawberry shakes, among other favored items.



29. Bradley Hilltopics, Summer, 2006, Volume 12, Issue 3

The Cinderella men’s basketball squad not only make it to the Big Dance, they win their first two games to achieve Sweet 16 status in the NCAA basketball tournament.



30. Bradley Hilltopics, Spring, 2009, Volume 15, Issue 2

President Barack Obama names Ray LaHood ’71 HON ’11 to serve as the 16th secretary of transportation; he is the first Bradley University alumnus to hold a Cabinet post.



31. Bradley Hilltopics, Winter, 2010, Volume 16, Issue 1

“Cancer Warriors” highlights three alumni, including surgeon Dr. Lynne Jalovec ’78, who share a commitment to conquering the disease and saving lives.



32. Bradley Hilltopics, Summer, 2011, Volume 17, Issue 3

Four new gargoyles made of hand-carved limestone keep watch over campus from atop the Hayden-Clark Alumni Center.



33. Bradley Hilltopics, Summer 2012, Volume 18, Issue 3

The University’s speech team is the winningest in the nation with 39 national titles and 141 individual titles over the last three decades.



34. Bradley Hilltopics, Summer/Fall 2013

Bradley’s Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin conducts research that reveals new insights into the maturation of the human brain.



35. Bradley Hilltopics, Winter 2014

“Catalysts for change” spotlights 11 students who strive to make a difference even before graduation.



36. Bradley Hilltopics, Summer/Fall 2015

Alfred Schmidley ’85 helps farmers in developing nations safeguard their crops.