The Expo Advisory Board

The Charge of the 2016 Student Scholarship Expo Advisory Board and Steering Committee:

The Student Scholarship Expo is an annual, campus-wide event that celebrates the research, scholarship, and creative contributions of Bradley University undergraduate and graduate students from across the disciplinary spectrum. The Student Scholarship Expo is made possible by the work of the Expo Steering Committee and the Expo Advisory Board.

The Student Scholarship Expo Steering Committee, made up of the professional staff and graduate assistants in the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning at Bradley University, is charged with leading the planning and implementation for the event. 

The Student Scholarship Expo Advisory Board, made up of faculty and professional staff representatives from across campus, is charged with:

  1. Advising and guiding the Student Scholarship Expo Steering Committee in designing, organizing and implementing the event;
  2. Actively encouraging faculty and student participation in the event;
  3. Recruiting external judges to participate in the event; and
  4. Participating themselves as judges, faculty mentors, facilitators, or in some other meaningful capacity. 

We are very grateful to the 2016 Student Scholarship Expo Advisory Board for making this year's event truly exemplary. 

Representatives from the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Prasad Shastry, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Mohammad (Imran) Hossain, Civil Engineering and Construction

Dr. Jacqueline Henderson, Mechanical Engineering

Representatives from the College of Education and Health Sciences

Dr. Kevin Finson, Teacher Education

Dr. Magdalena Sas, Family and Consumer Science

Dr. Brenda Pratt, Physical Therapy

Dr. Deborah (Deb) Erickson, Nursing

Representatives from the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts

Dr. Elena Gabor, Communications

Dr. John Orfe, Music

Representatives from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. Melinda Faulkner, Biology

Dr. Danielle Glassmeyer, English

Dr. Daniel Getz, Asian Studies

Dr. Edward Remsen, Chemistry

Administrative Representatives

Dr. Jeff Bakken, Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Dr. Megan Jaskowiak, Sciences and Health Sciences Librarian

Alison Morrissey, Associate Vice President for Advancement

Dr. Rick Smith, Director of Career Development